F a b u l o u s

I just want to use my art to make women feel beautiful and confident.

Spend time with Meghan, and you’re guaranteed to hear a remark like this, and you will be struck by the sincerity and earnestness with which she says it.

It is not some cheap marketing tag line dreamed up by a PR agency. It’s part of her soul, and it is clear as a ship’s bell in the joy she exudes at every hand-written note, social media post, or email from one of the women who is fiercely loyal to Meghan and her vision.

A native of Southern California, Meghan learned to sew from her mother at the age of four, and the two of them together made much of the clothing she wore throughout her childhood. From those humble roots sprang a deep-seated passion for design and the creation of what she calls “wearable art.”

From the beginning, her vibe has been laid-back, hippie and bohemian and her designs have come to anchor the wardrobes of successful, confident, sexy women all over the globe.

Drawing inspiration from quirky travel destinations, funky museums, cultural and religious iconography, and her own extensive collection of vintage haute couture, she has turned out numerous breathtaking designs over a career spanning more than two decades.

Inspiration from some of her heroes like Elsa Schiaparelli, John Galliano, Iris Apfel, and Marcia Curly Israel has led to intricate silhouettes featuring detailed embellishments and special touches that people often describe as “very Meghan.” An accomplished businessperson and a true force of nature, she started her first company at the age of 26 and has seen numerous designers who studied under her go on to open their own studios. Her work ethic, especially when targeted at realizing her vision, is breathtaking.

Her designs have been seen on numerous celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Shakira, Paris Hilton and Sharon Stone and featured in publications such as Elle, Vogue Japan, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar and People. Meghan’s joie de vivre combined with her timeless designs, vibrant colors, shapes that complement all body types, and attention to detail and quality have inspired numerous women to stand tall and make a statement with their personal style, whether it’s date night or Monday morning at the office. We invite you to do the same!

Meghan Fabulous on Instagram

Instagram post 17862381637563154 🌺Happiness is the Sexiest Accessory to a Beautiful Maxi Dress🌺 @alana_kane wears The LilyPad Maxi Dress in Rosebud
Instagram post 17852528443663561 🌼Here’s the HAPPIEST Ray of Sunshine I’ve EVER seen!! Cutie @tiffany__hutch wears the vintage #megfab Agnes Studded Tee🌼
Instagram post 18107874673064952 #bts excitement from my @bohemelosangeles Spring 2020 Photoshoot.  It’s such an honor to work with amazing talent day in and day out.  @itstylerrowell is the most magical photographer.  It’s such a joy to collaborate with you... you get my vision and bring it to life!  @luxe_vegas & @lesliemakeupmaven... your homes & makeup are spectacular and I’m so blessed for our friendship.  @chiyehhhhh you are a goddess!! I’ve been wanting to work with you since the moment we met.  @luci_lux & @headswillrollsalon the hair!! The makeup 🔥🔥🔥! @stevenjdunlap the best head in the business.  It really takes a village.  I am so fortunate🙏🏻
Instagram post 18112717555061290 🥂💃🏻 @vanessaslife.style is holiday party ready in the Aphrodite Maxi Dress in Red💃🏻🥂
Instagram post 18093128131100287 This is my Sunday happy place.  I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but I steal the paint swatches at the Home Depot🤫🤭 they make ideal color standards when I’m recoloring prints and the price is just right!  I can get color ideas without having to cut apart my Pantone Books!  Oh PLEASE @homedepot don’t be mad at my hack 🎨
Instagram post 17918082106358325 Hold all my calls until further notice.  I’ll be power shopping the @fashionphile super sale and drinking cheap mimosas all from the comfort of my @purple 🍾
Instagram post 18074194222181818 @shikeyabrown is Vueve Clicquot Polo Classic Fabulous in the Lotus Blossom Maxi Dress in Red Dahlia🌺
Instagram post 18078730996090766 👯‍♀️Mommy & Me Fabulous👯‍♀️ @carmenshalene wears the LilyPad Maxi Dress in red floral