Queen dreams are made of these.

Some trends come and go, while others withstand the test of time. Modern bohemian style — its floral designs, eccentric patterns, and flowing silhouettes — is, thankfully, timeless. To breathe new life into these whimsical silhouettes that were once associated with the Woodstock era, I decided to put a modern spin on the seasonless, flowy boho style and make it a perennial favorite.

My statement-making modern bohemian pieces are designed for the modern-day boho-euphoric Goddess in all of us, that’s ready to tap into her inner flower child fashionista. Whether it’s my boho earrings, dresses, or other bohemian-inspired accessories that catch your eye, get ready to let your wildflower soul come out and play.

The lovechild of hippie and trendy, my modern bohemian collection is calling out to all the free-spirited Queens like yourself, ready for an avant-garde bohemian fashion rhapsody.  Impress through a rare confluence of modern with unconventional – dare to dream, love, and express your authentic self!

Fabulous Boho Dresses

Thanks to their easy-to-wear silhouettes and reinvigorated look, my modern bohemian dresses have become a nonconformist Queen’s fashion staple. Designed for all the modern bohemian goddesses, my dreamy, free-flowing boho dresses are as ethereal as they are comfortable, effortlessly combining present-day feminine energy with the beauty of nature. 

Beloved for their fluid silhouette, floral patterns, and colorful palette, my modern bohemian dresses effortlessly embody femininity, courage, and spirit and are a closet go-to for Queens who dare to challenge the rules and exude style wherever they go. Not a dress girl? Keep your wildflower spirit alive in a dreamy fairy dust camisole with colorful, ethereal butterflies fluttering down to become one of your wardrobe go-to's.

Boho Earrings & Accessories

The modern bohemian accessories have the same old soul boho essence, with a fresher, younger take on what the bohemian spirit evokes. Release your inner hippy fashionista with intricate yet chic bohemian earrings to add some stylish bohemian flair to any outfit.

Opt for the eye-catching, oversized Cha Cha Cha rhinestone earrings when you’re in the mood to be the life of the party and the Queen of Coachella, or add a pop of color to your outfit with rainbow earrings for a timeless modern bohemian look! Channel your inner spirituality and sparkle with a touch of mystique with a tarot necklace that resonates with you and is as beautiful as it is magical.

Mix and match several colors, patterns, and eclectic modern bohemian accessories to reflect your wanderer Queen personality – top off your free-spirited outfits with the 1970's-inspired, yet fashion-forward boho sunglasses or a modern bohemian clutch.

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