Happy Hour: The Woo Woo 2.0

True story.  When I was in high school, I had a side hustle business (surprise, surprise) taking care of neighborhood homes when the owners went on vacation.  It was an awesome gig-  I would go over once a day to said house, feed the cat, water the plants, and make sure everything was in order.   I lived in a quiet, suburban neighborhood on a golf course, so this job worked in perfectly with my paper route, weekend babysitting duties, and part-time job at the local fabric store.  95% of the time it was a sleepy gig- except for when I got to watch after the house with The 19th Hole.

This house was awesome- and I idolized the Owner.  She was what I could only hope to be when I grew up…. a single, fiercely strong woman who lived life by the seat of her pants traveling to far flung destinations you couldn’t pronounce.  She spent 4 days a week on the golf course, and relaxed nights with all her cool friends in her spare bedroom turned party bar, which she called The 19th Hole.   This room was all you could imagine and more-  a dimly lit room complete with twinkling lights draping from the overhead glass rack,  with every single type of alcohol you could imagine.  Her alcohol had the best up lighting…. it was so good,  it would even make a Kardashian jealous.  There were comfy, pleather bar stools with brass nail heads that surrounded the U-shaped bar, and plush shag carpeting.  She even had jukebox in the corner and spinning disco ball hanging from the cottage cheese ceiling.

(This is not actually the 19th Hole, but the closest home bar photo that I could find that resembled the Party Bar.)

My best girlfriend and I would go over after school, feed Marshmallow the Cat,  water the ficus, pickup the newspaper, take in the mail, then learn how to make mixed drinks at the Nineteenth Hole.

So this week, I am revisiting old memories by revitalizing The Woo Woo.  The Woo Woo was my go-to drink…  it was easy to make, tasted sweet, and you could barely taste to alcohol…. AND it was so fun to say: “Woo Woo!”

The OG Woo Woo is sweeter than you could ever imagine….. and back then, I couldn’t drink them fast enough.   But, now that I’m an old bag- I’ve come up with a lighter version which I call,  The Woo Woo 2.0.   I have posted both recipes complete with more is more flair for the cocktails inspired by the Nineteenth Hole Spare Bedroom Party Bar.

The OG Woo Woo:

-1 Ounce Vodka-  I am partial to Tito’s
-1 Ounce Peach Schnapps Liqueur- I had to go to 3 different Super Markets to find it!
-2 Ounces Cranberry Juice-  I love the Light Ocean Spray- it has so few calories you don’t feel guilty!
-Fresh Lime
-Ice Cubes
-Tall Highball Glass
-Fun curly straw and fabulous drink whirly gigs- more is more is better!

In a highball glass fill 2/3 the way with ice cubes.  Add Vodka, Peach Schnapps and stir in the Cranberry Juice.   Top off with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and add the fun party drink accents.

The Woo Woo 2.0:

-1 Ounce Vodka-  I am partial to Tito’s
-1 Ounce Peach Schnapps Liqueur
– I had to go to 3 different Super Markets to find this…
-2 Ounces Cranberry Juice-  I love the Light Ocean Spray- it has so few calories you don’t feel guilty!
-Lime Flavored Soda Water- I can’t get enough La Croix, seriously I should have invested.
-Fresh Lime-Ice Cubes
-Tall Highball Glass

Combine all of the same ingredients as the OG Woo Woo, but you are going to put a float of the Lime Flavored Soda Water to top it off.  It is a MUST MUST that you don’t forget the party drink flair!

Enjoy and Cheers!  Meghan Fabulous