Custy Vintage Grateful Dead T-Shirt


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Designed for the ultimate nouveau riche Dead Head, this embellished vintage t-shirt is the perfect statement making conversation starter for your next trip to Shakedown.  

The ultra soft, vintage t-shirt has been plucked from your dad's 90's jam band loving wardrobe, and embellished with sequin varsity style lettering, that spells CUSTY.  

CUSTY, for the people in the back is a pejorative term that longtime Shakedown vendors have coined to vendors that are more commercial and seek customers.  

This vintage tee is perfect declaration for for your next trip to the Lot or summer tour.  

Color: Multi
Size:  Oversized, one size fits most
Quality: 100% cotton with sequin trim
Source: Designed with LOVE in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Care Instructions: Delicately hand wash and air dry or dry clean only, please.

Your Fashion Fairy Godmother has styled your Look!

Custy Vintage Grateful Dead T-Shirt

Custy Vintage Grateful Dead T-Shirt



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