None of Your Business Beaded Purse

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In my opinion, you would look FABULOUS carrying this beaded purse!

Constructed of woven pink round beads that are woven into an adorable bag, the front featuring iridescent red beads strung in a hand-writing inspired design.

The open top and dual, curved handles make this purse as functional as it is fun!

Perfect for any queen with a DGAF attitude, this tote is a cute, practical carryall for all your essentials.

Color:  Pink, Red
Measurements: 7 1/4Height, 10" Width, 2 1/2"Depth, 12 1/2"  Strap Length
Material: Plastic Beads
Source: Imported

Your Fashion Fairy Godmother has styled your Look!

None of Your Business Beaded Purse

None of Your Business Beaded Purse



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