Steal Your Prism Necklace - Silver

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Get ready to smile and smile every time you wear this fabulous Stealie necklace!

This large silver plated Rose & Bolt pendant features a rainbow prism stone in the center of the Stealie that catches the light in a fabulously trippy way.

The long (strange) twisted rope chain is accented by 13 pt. bolt and the pendant is suspended from a rose from Bertha's Crown.  

Perfect for the spinners, lot creatures and "Heads, this necklace projects rainbows all around when you dance.  Take a trip by using as a psychedelic mononcle- Just look through one eye and enjoy the ride! 

Brand:  Rose & Bolt
Color: Silver
Measurements: 3.5" tall pendant, 32" chain with 2" adjuster
Material: Silver plated brass, prism 
Clasp: Lobster claw
Source: Made in the good ol' USA

Your Fashion Fairy Godmother has styled your Look!

Steal Your Prism Necklace - Silver

Steal Your Prism Necklace - Silver



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