The Trollin' Along Earrings - Limited Edition

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Get ready for a blast from the past with these vintage, limited edition troll doll earrings!

Each pair is handcrafted from colorful vintage troll dolls making these earrings the perfect accessory for standing out every day or for your next concert or festival!  With 5 trolls dangling on each side, these earrings drape down your neckline for a not-so-subtle-subtle look that is sure to put smiles on faces everywhere you go!  the troll dolls are complete with red rhinestone eyes for a Heady look. 

Get your nostalgic boho goddess on and add some groovy vibes to any outfit with these stunning earrings!

: Multicolor
Measurements: 8" length
Clasp:  Hook
Material: Plastic, metal chain, faux hair, rhinestones
Source: Imported

Your Fashion Fairy Godmother has styled your Look!

The Trollin' Along Earrings - Limited Edition

The Trollin' Along Earrings - Limited Edition



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