Ashley Fabulous Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale is the COOLEST EVER!!!!!! Look how cute she looks in my Gina dress this week at an event! I had the pleasure of meeting her at a re-release for Airplane the Movie a few years ago- and she and her sister, and her Mom were so delightful!!!!! It's sooooo awesome when teen stars don't get big heads! She is the best!!! She has been a big star for a while now and it is refreshing to actually see a good role model for kids and teens to look up to..... I hope that this is a trend that continues amoungst young actors and actresses. Although I can only imagine and understand how it feels with the pressure of living under a microscope, and what would push someone to take their lives to the extreme. Wow!!! I think that keeping a healthy balance like Ashley or any other star, or at least the appearance of one is quite the tall task and my hat goes off to them!!!

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