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At a very young age, Meghan realized her tenacious passion for fashion, design and creating wearable art…

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Instagram post 18084878521187250 🎁Get Holiday Party ready with the LilyPad Maxi Dress! Perfect & versatile for all of your holiday events.... and you’ll want to wear it time and time again, it’s so darn comfy! 🎁 @ms_amberfoxx looks ravishing in the red whisper print 🌺
Instagram post 18032716780241472 What? Like you’ve never Pre-Gamed a Holiday Bake Sale?? - @nottheworstmom
Instagram post 17919166018364465 and a large Diet Coke, easy Ice plz.🥤🍟🍔
Instagram post 18013710805249341 When you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside..... you need a show stopping reversible party dress to match! @thebriebella wears The Bali Maxi Dress on the paisley side🥂👸🏻
Instagram post 17862381637563154 🌺Happiness is the Sexiest Accessory to a Beautiful Maxi Dress🌺 @alana_kane wears The LilyPad Maxi Dress in Rosebud
Instagram post 17852528443663561 🌼Here’s the HAPPIEST Ray of Sunshine I’ve EVER seen!! Cutie @tiffany__hutch wears the vintage #megfab Agnes Studded Tee🌼
Instagram post 18107874673064952 #bts excitement from my @bohemelosangeles Spring 2020 Photoshoot.  It’s such an honor to work with amazing talent day in and day out.  @itstylerrowell is the most magical photographer.  It’s such a joy to collaborate with you... you get my vision and bring it to life!  @luxe_vegas & @lesliemakeupmaven... your homes & makeup are spectacular and I’m so blessed for our friendship.  @chiyehhhhh you are a goddess!! I’ve been wanting to work with you since the moment we met.  @luci_lux & @headswillrollsalon the hair!! The makeup 🔥🔥🔥! @stevenjdunlap the best head in the business.  It really takes a village.  I am so fortunate🙏🏻
Instagram post 18112717555061290 🥂💃🏻 is holiday party ready in the Aphrodite Maxi Dress in Red💃🏻🥂
Instagram post 18093128131100287 This is my Sunday happy place.  I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but I steal the paint swatches at the Home Depot🤫🤭 they make ideal color standards when I’m recoloring prints and the price is just right!  I can get color ideas without having to cut apart my Pantone Books!  Oh PLEASE @homedepot don’t be mad at my hack 🎨