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The Daily Fab Blog
Happy Hour: The Dude
In honor of one of my all-time favorite movies: The Big Lebowski, we celebrate his Favorite Cocktail, The White Russian. Just like the movie, the W...
Happy Hour: The Firework
I LOVE The Fourth of July.......all the BBQs, long warm nights, and summertime vibes all get me in a serious party mood. When I was a kid I couldn...
What Memorial Day Means to Us
Dear Fabulous Queens,I’m usually the “behind the scenes'' guy, working on spreadsheets and other boring business stuff that makes all our fabulous ...
Forever Party Girl Fabulous
I want to take it back to when I was a wild Hollywood Party Girl - man, life was FABULOUS! I know this is hard to wrap your head around, but I was...
Sheen Magazine Photoshoot Fabulous! 📸😎💋💎
A really great opportunity for me to be hyper creative is through fashion styling.  I love being able to showcase my vision and fantasy of how clo...
Palm Springs FABULOUS!!
Have you ever wondered where I get inspirations for all of my fabulous designs? Come along with me to Palm Springs, where I recently took a 6-day t...
Meg Makin’ Margs on National Margarita Day!!
My love for Margs is a true love story. I think Margaritas are so versatile! I don't know anyone that doesn't like them, and if they don't there...
Will You Be My Galentine?
I am a true sappy romantic at heart (pun intended) and haven’t always had a significant other to share the love with on Valentine’s day. There have...
Fab Holiday Gift Guide with Meghan Fabulous
Pour yourself a glass of rose and kick back with this short, fun and fabulous holiday gift guide with Meghan Fabulous.  In less than one minute, sh...
The Mr. Pickletini - Happy Hour at the FabLab!
How does fashion go with fabulous cocktails?  Watch Meghan show you how make the Mr. Pickletini and pair it with the perfect outfit! Featuring the ...
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