Barbie: My Iconic Forever Muse

Barbie: My Iconic Forever Muse

Sorry to interrupt the GD Fab content hangover…. But I have to hop on the #BARBIE bandwagon and tell you about my mad love affair with Barbie.  This is my Barbie & Ken from my childhood, Miko & Ken.  I used to be ashamed of the fact that I played with Barbie until I was 13… But now as an adult, it makes me proud that I held onto my childhood for as long as possible.


Like most young girls, Miko was an escape for me.  A chance to dream and make big plans.  She was exotic, stunningly beautiful, with goddess hair down to her knees, and the most golden tan.  I LOVED that my Miko was different looking than I was. 


My Ken was always naked, sorry not sorry.  I still don’t have any of his clothes to this day!  I think this is why I have a thing for tall, dark & handsome men..  to


They lived the dreamiest life in my custom-made Barbie Chalet (See photo below - I still can’t get rid of it and it now lives in my warehouse). 


My Barbie was a chance for me to escape my parents’ divorce, mean kids at school, going through puberty, and dream about my future of being a world-famous clothing designer.


Miko was my first customer!  I made all of her clothes and learned all about tailoring for a not-so-realistic body.  I’d spend hours playing and dreaming, it was magical.


I cherish so much these memories and love that Barbie was, and still is my role model.  She’s had every profession.  She’s an ICON!  I have to be authentic to myself… rather than posting a trending photo of myself in neon pink (I do that everday anyways..), I thought I’d share my Miko.


Miko & Ken now permanently live in my office shrine, as a reminder to never stop dreaming, and that anything is possible!  med of the fact that I played with Barbie until I was 13…. But now

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