Fabulous Las Vegas Dead Head Weekly Roundup, June 26 - July 2

Fabulous Las Vegas Dead Head Weekly Roundup, June 26 - July 2

Meghan: The Vegas Cleanse

There’s no shows this week, and Steve and I thought it was a good opportunity to hit the reset button. The last six weeks have been a whirlwind! I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be spending the entire summer in Las Vegas in 100°++ heat, working on my favorite music in the world. It’s been an amazing opportunity, I’ve got to meet so many wonderful dead heads and fabulous queens. It's been a non-stop party in Vegas and my body has definitely taken a toll! Walking miles on end and standing all day, coupled with the scorching crazy temps and non-stop Fab Show has worn me down. We’ve packed up the u-haul and headed back home for the week to cleanse our palate, clear our heads, and prep for the last 6 weeks of the shows!!

When I look at myself in the mirror, I see someone that’s been living life to the fullest!  Vegas Is definitely taking a toll on my sleep, my skin, and my overall well-being. The heat and Vegas sure makes me tired. I have less motivation to do things I should be doing to stay healthy, and I've seriously gained 20 lbs.  Getting back into my fitness routine, eating super clean, eliminating alcohol, drinking lots of water, sleeping more and taking better care of my skin is going to do me a world of good.

I’ve listed some of my favorite products that’s going to get me back on track and hit the reset button, and push me to being the best Meg Fab through the end of the Vegas summer!  

Some of my favorite cleanse/ detox/ best self, in the rotation products I’d like to share with you are:


1. Acupuncture and Cupping:  This has been my number one go to for the last six years for my pain management and overall body inflammation.  When I leave my weekly cupping and acupuncture appointment, I feel like a whole new person.  It really just helps circulate my blood, draw clean oxygen into my blood stream, and detoxify all the crap that I’ve put in my body.  It really has been a godsend in my life.  I’ve seen the same acupuncturist for 6 years- @dianeneedles she’s amazing and keeps my body & mind on track. 

2.   Steaming Hot Bubble Bath with Epsom Salts and Minerals:   My favorite zen moment/ relaxation go to that super easy and quick to reset my body and my mind is to take a hot bubble bath.  It soothes all of my aching muscles and relaxes my brain.  The hot water is so good to penetrate your skin with the Epson salts and minerals.  I make my own blend of bath minerals:  equal parts Aromaesti Greek Lavender, Aromaesti Greek Lemon, and Epsom Salt.  I love to put some eucalyptus oil in my bath for extra relaxation. Close the door, light a candle and you have your own amazing relaxation oasis. (More on the candle below).


3.   The Pacific Ocean:  No joke, when I look at the ocean, it takes all of my stress and worries away.  Just breathing in the salty air, feeling the crisp wind against my skin, and watching the waves crash is such a wonderful, peaceful meditation for me.   I love to go to the ocean, and reset my mind.  Whether it be sailing aboard Some Tuesday or getting a walk on the beach- soaking in the Ocean is THE BEST medicine and I will be doing LOTS OF IT! 


4.  Turmeric Shots:  when you live with chronic inflation in your body everyday, you’ll try absolutely EVERYTHING in the book to make it better.  I learned about Turmeric Shots on my pain management journey a few years ago, and am absolutely hooked!  It helps with a list of ailments including joint mobility, inflammation, immunity health, weight loss, bloating, cleans the skin, and strengthens memory and heart function.  My favorite brand is Vive Organic Fresh Press Turmeric Boost.   Once a day makes me feel alive!

5.  Candles:  For me, candles are the ultimate in relaxation, changing or setting the mood, and checking my aura.  I always have a fragrant candle burning!  My favorite candle of all time is VOLUSPA Goji Tarocco Orange Coconut Wax Candle.  This was my mom’s favorite candle, and it was “our thing.”  She always had them burning.  It always reminds me of her and puts me in a good mood.  The day before she died, she ordered me a case of these candles to arrive when she passed.  It has a special place in my heart and the scent changes my everything.  


6.  The Cayenne Cleanse Kombucha:  I’ve really done more than my share of drinking and eating these past weeks, and my gut is really hating me right now!  Although I’ve loved every single moment of it, I need to keep my pipes clean and I really rely on the Health-ade Kombucha Cayenne Cleanse every morning to keep everything moving along inside.  This Kombucha has a kick to it, and is a daily driver in my life regardless if I’m cleansing or not! 

7.  Facial Sheet Masks:  I sure am a sheet mask whore!!   When I say I don’t have a favorite- that’s not a lie!!  I have scads of sheet masks that I like to mix and match, and try different brands.  I’ll always snatch them up when I’m at the drug store just so that I have an ample supply to choose from.  I especially LOVE Korean brand sheet masks and go out of my way when I’m in an Asian food specialty store to buy them.  Korean beauty products are the gold standard!  I love to put on a sheet mask in the morning when I wake up, and especially after a long day while taking a bath.   They give me an instant “refreshed look” and noticeably brighter skin after a long night out.  Some the masks in my arsenal are:  the Creme Shop CICA-MEND Kleen Beauty Essence Sheet Mask,  Tomato Mask Sheet (Korean brand), Awakiin Green Tea Facial Mask Sheet, & Volcanic Ash Essence Mask Sheet by Esfolio (another Korean specialty product).

8.  Under Eye Patches w/ Concha Nacar Crema De Noche:  whenever my eyes are looking or feeling tired, it’s all about the eye patches for me!  Just like the facial sheet masks- these are a godsend for over worn skin.  I also hoard these, with some of my favorites: CALA Vitamin C + Collagen, CALA Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid, and even Nu-pore (a 99 cent store brand)….. seriously you don’t have to spend a lot of money for great skin care!   My super secret weapon you ask???  Get a jar of Concha Nacar Crema De Noche…. It’s a super moisture rich night cream that’s about six dollars. I love to slather that underneath my eyes and put the eyepatches on top.  This locks in the moisture and keeps my under eye area bright, fresh, and ultra smooth looking for make up application. 


9.  Moisturize !!!:  it’s been so unbelievably dry in Vegas, I never thought I would have to moisturize inside of my nose!  My skin was just not ready for this Vegas summertime heat. A few products that has kept my skin from flaking off my body and turning into a Slestack are:  

-Skin Trip Body Lotion -  It has the most amazing coconut and paradise fragrance, and you feel like you are on vacation when you put it on!  Additionally, it’s totally all natural and vegan.  I slather that on my skin every morning after a hot shower and, it seemingly keeps my skin moist throughout the day.  

-Monoi Tiki Tahiti Vanille Oil -  This oil is straight from Tahiti, and totally luxurious!!  An ultra refined coconut oil with Tahitian Gardenias in every bottle, this is the perfect after bath moisturizer that replenishes the lost natural oils in your skin.  Seriously, it will transport you to the beaches of Bora Bora.  It really coats & soaks into your skin…. you will smell so good, your significant other will want to eat you for dessert! 

-Aquaphor -  no joke, I  put this on my lips every 16 minutes…. I carry a giant vat around in my purse, it is my #1 go-to beauty product.  True story: I’ve even had to put it in my nose on the daily while in Vegas to combat my dry, cracked nostrils!!


10.  Hair Masks:  it’s one thing to have dry skin, but I never thought in a million years that I would have brittle dry hair from all this heat.  Hair masks have saved the day and kept my hair and frizz at bay (love that that rhymed!).  I’ve found a few products that were formulated for African-American hair, that work exceptionally well on over dried, all types of hair!  Two brands that I have lived by recently are Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Derp Nourishing Hair & Scalp Masque, and Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed Recipes Fix My Hair Conditioning Masque.  For Maximum effect, put large gobs of either of these masks on your hair, and massage in generously.  Put a shower cap over your hair and sleep with it at night.  When you wash it out in the morning, your hair will be silky and smooth, restored back to new!  


11.  Facial Mud Mask:  My pores have taken a serious beating with all the makeup, temperature changes and partying the past 6 weeks.  I love GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment to suck out all the crap from my clogged pores.  This product is on the expensive side but it gets the job done.  It is a little messy to clean, so it’s perfect to put this on before my bath about once a week.  You’ll thank me later!


Steve:   Let's BBQ! 
Well, it’s a bye week in Dead town, so what to do?  First, be sure to get some rest.  Meghan and I decided to head back home to the beach, where temps linger in double digits instead of the 100 plus territory of Vegas!  During our down time we’ll be drinking less but eating better by smoking delicious meats!  What better way is there, really, to enjoy delicious meals with a side dish of satisfaction from getting the smoking just right!  My weapon of choice in this war is the Traeger grill, which is truly one of the best inventions.  Meghan and I call it the “magic box” (oh, behave, you) because whatever you put into that thing comes out tasting absolutely delicious!
I love to smoke ribs, chicken, venison and various other savory delights.  Beer-can chicken is one of Meghan’s favorites, and it produces about the most tender and moist chicken you can imagine.  And it’s kinda hilarious, because after you brine and rub your chicken, you just shove a half-full can of beer up in that thing and stand it upright on the grill!  The heated beer keeps the chicken moist and adds flavor as it smokes.  
Baby back ribs are a favorite of mine.  I love the 3-2-1 method, which involves 3 hours in the smoker, then two hours wrapped in foil (along with brown sugar, apple cider, butter and whatever rubs and spices you may have handy) and then one final hour on the grill, smothered in BBQ sauce.  By the time these babies are done, you will NOT need a fork because the bones will pull out with your fingers.
Something about the prep, the long process of smoking and the calculations to get it just right give me a solid sense of satisfaction.  And I promise you, the very first bit will make your eyes roll back in your head.  Yummmm….  
Enjoy your Summer and we’ll see you in a couple weeks back in the desert!
David:  We've got a Break, Read a Book!
After 6 weeks and 18 shows of mind blowing music that have truly exceeded my expectations, the boys are taking a week off. Which means we get to take a week off and get back to whatever version of reality we all live in. I don't know about you but since the Sphere is the newest and most unique venue in the world, it gets me thinking about all the nuts and bolts that make it happen. From the tech side to the logistics and everything in between, it's been nothing short of incredible. There are a handful of articles about the Sphere but nothing yet specific to Dead Forever. 
That got me thinking about the Peter Shapiro memoir co-authored by Relix's Dead Budnik, 
The Music Never Stops: What Putting on 10,000 Shows Has Taught Me About Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Magic. I won't even try to put a short bio on Peter together but let's just say without him, Dead 50/Fare The Well probably wouldn't have happened. Which brings the question, would Dead & Company have happened if Dead 50 wasn't the incredible success it was?
The Music Never Stops was penned a few years back and has nothing specifically to do with the Sphere. But with Peter's legacy in event promotion and production with a sweet spot in the world of Jam Bands, the book dives into the details that speak to putting on a show and is a fast paced read, perfect for this off week. Fun Fact: He's the founder and owner of Brookly Bowl, the venue that's been housing all the killer after show, shows. 
The book is exciting, inspiring and a fun look under the hood of the scene we love so so much. Let me know what you think and we'll see you back at the big ball of fun, soon!
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