Fabulous Las Vegas Weekly Dead Head Roundup, Week 7, July 3 - 10

Fabulous Las Vegas Weekly Dead Head Roundup, Week 7, July 3 - 10

Meghan’s Personal Pick o’ the Week:  YY Foot Spa, Chinatown

I live with chronic pain and inflammation in my body on the daily, so needless to say that getting a massage has been something that has been on my mind on the hour, every hour since landing in Vegas. All of the standing and walking has really got me beat down! Based on David's recommendation a few weeks ago, Steve and I decided to head into Chinatown for dinner and a massage. David was right! Chinatown is robust and expansive, with many massage parlors for miles to choose from! We settled on YY Foot Spa & Massage based on many glowing Yelp recommendations, opting for the 60 minute couples massage. It was heavenly! A one-hour full body massage quickly turned into, "for 20 dollars more, we'll add CBD oil and tack on another 30 minutes... how could we say no!

All in all, take it from a gal that used to live in China and would get a massage every day- this place was super legit, staff was ultra friendly and accommodating, and the price was very reasonable. 5 Stars, highly recommend! YY Massage at YY Foot Massage at 3859 Spring Mountain Rd.


Steve's Weekly Dinner Reservation Recommendation: Red Dwarf

The very best pizza in Vegas, and possibly your lifetime must be in a little hole-in-the-wall pizza joint run by a guy named Vinny, right? Or maybe an off-strip former mob joint with great Chianti? Negative. What if I told you the very best pizza you’ll ever eat is in a shithole punk rock tiki dive bar? (I say that with love, I love dive bars.) You read that correctly. Punk rock tiki dive bar. Did you even know that was a thing?

Punk music blaring, tiki idols, hula skirts, lighted puffer fish, bamboo, fish nets, a thatched roof, tattoo-covered bartenders, scary decapitated doll heads, and even scarier clown masks - the Red Dwarf on Vegas Valley Drive has it all and brings new meaning to the word “unique.” The bartenders are over-the-top friendly, as are other patrons. We made a handful of new pals in our short visit, and got numerous suggestions for other great bars to put on our list! Stay tuned for that.

The tag line is “Booze Music Pizza” and they ain’t blowing smoke. After you’ve settled in, made friends, and spent some time wondering around to appreciate the eclectic decorating, it’s time to order pizza. They make it Detroit style, with extra sauce poured on top. The thick crust is golden, perfect and crispy. The toppings are delectable, and melted in with the perfect amount of mozzarella. That sauce I mentioned? Incredible. Not that sugary sweet garbage you get at the big chains, but tangy, zesty and thick. This MUST have been simmering all day in a huge pot in the back, lovingly stirred by a fat guy in a wifebeater t. I wanna meet that guy.

So, if you’re looking for the best pizza in the world, and want to eat it among friendly denizens that love to chat and tell you all the OTHER “locals-only” spots to explore in Vegas, you MUST plan for a trip to the Red Dwarf.

Meghan's 2 Cents: Seriously not lying when I say this is the BEST pizza I've ever had in my lifetime. THE BEST. I can't stop thinking about it, and can't wait to go back, regardless of the calories I will consume and the pants I won't fit in. Also, try the Dwarf Piss. It's their house lager and only $4. Run, don't walk to Red Dwarf.

Meg's Shopping Find / Pre-Game:  Shakedown Vegas

I have listed Shakedown Vegas for a few weeks now on the blog, and there's a reason: It's a really fun, eclectic, ultra bohemian shopping experience even if you are not a Dead Head! I highly recommend that ANYONE who is spending time in Vegas this summer, should check out the scene for the great people watching, jivey music, one-of-a-kind fashion, fun trinkets, and the endless amount of undiscovered gems.

The best part, my Grateful Dead Fabulous collection is smack dab, right in the center of all the action at Love on Haight!! Love on Haight is THEE premier shopping destination in San Francisco at the intersection at Haight Ashbury. It has the most amazing tie dye, glitter, and colorful finds that make you feel like you are part of all the Woodstock Hippie action!! Sunny, the Fabulous owner of LOH is incredible and you must say HI! Come shop the new sparkling GD Fab collection with Sunny, and also all of her other 120 designers and artists that create wicked tie dyes and epic accessories.

Not to mention that you can shop over 80 vendors of tie dye and Grateful Deadesque merch at Shakedown Vegas, grab a drink or 2 and enjoy the social scene and epic people watching!

Tuscany Hotel & Casino, Thursday- Saturday from 11 am - 6 pm. Look for the signage once you enter the casino!


David’s Pick of the Week / After Party:  Circles Around the Sun

Let’s give a golf clap to Brooklyn Bowl for absolutely killing the after show scene, weekend after weekend. If you’ve got the energy and wanna keep the party going, there hasn’t been a weekend in where A+ shows haven’t kept our toes tapping till almost sunrise. This Saturday the 7th will be another heater with Circles Around the Sun coming to town for their post Sphere debut.

If you aren’t hip to CATS, here’s the quick albeit bittersweet story. When Dead 50 was scheduled, Justin Kreutzmann was tasked with sorting the set break music. Looking to get creative beyond a typical playlist of genre relevant tunes, he hired Neal Casal (RIP 2019) to write the music. A setlist soundtrack if you will. Neal assembled a gaggle of musicians and some of the most incredible instrumental, jamtastic but not jangly music was born. Take a listen here.

When Neal suddenly passed in 2019, the band chose to trudge forward and added John Lee Shannon on lead guitar and they’ve continued to record and tour ever since. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he and 2 other cats from CATS, Dan Horne and Adam MacDougall also play in arguably the baddest Dead Cover band in the biz, Grateful Shred.

So that’s the story. Now you have one job - go see Circles Around The Sun this Saturday at Brooklyn Bowl, Vegas.


Grateful Dead Fabulous Meet Up Location & Meg Fab Appearance: Unfortunately, I just had a procedure on my knees to postpone full-on knee replacements, and we are sitting out this week of shows... So sad to say! We will be back in town and back in action next week, starting July 11. I hope to see you and hug you all then!!


Cheap Bargains in Vegas:  Sin City may be notorious for the high price tags and taking all your hard earned money, so I've listed some cheap eats and bargains for the month of July below!!

Free & Fabulous:The Dead Forever Experience, The Palazzo at the Venetian Hotel & Casino

Want to learn more about the music, Dead & Company and what started it all: the Grateful Dead? Check out the Dead Forever Experience- a two-story museum that is equal parts exhibit, gallery, gift shop, cinema and interactive experience for all things historical and fabulously Grateful Dead. You won't want to miss Jay & Ricki Blakesbergs curated photos spanning 1965-1995! Enjoy the full gallery of Mickey Hart's artwork, marvel in David Lemieux's massive tape collection and check out the 1:4 scale version of

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