Fabulous Las Vegas Dead Head Weekly Roundup, Week 6, June 19 - 25

Fabulous Las Vegas Dead Head Weekly Roundup, Week 6, June 19 - 25

Grateful Dead Fabulous Meet Up Location:  Come celebrate with Team Fab at our GD Fab Vegas Meetup on June 21 at 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm, at the Bellini Bar in the center of the Venetian Casino.  We’ll be celebrating meeting you and all your Fabulousity!!!  I can't wait to see your fabulous outfit!  Stop by on your way to the show for a cocktail and hug! 


Meg Fab Appearance:  HEADCOUNT & Shakedown Vegas!! 

I will be offering personal styling tips at Love on Haight in Shakedown Vegas on Thursday June 20 & June 21 from 12 pm to 4 pm!!  Come feel, see and try on the Grateful Dead Fabulous collection in person and meet me and Sunny, the awesomest Queen Fairy Godmother of Glitter and Tie Dye!!  She is amazing and I am THRILLED to be working with her this summer.   And if it couldn't get any better....  Sunny now has the whole new GD Fab collection for you to shop and buy!  You seriously just read that right!  All the sparkle!  All the Stealie glitter.... Come and say HI!!! 

In addition to shopping all the GD Fab and mind blowing tie dye, come check over 80 vendors of groovy Grateful Dead-esque merch!  Grab a drink or 2 and enjoy the social scene and epic people watching!  Seriously, the killer people watching is worth the trip alone. 

Located at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino, look for signage in the Casino, Thursday- Saturday from 11 am - 6 pm.

And.... as usual, I will be rockin' the HEADCOUNT booth in Participation Row in the Dead Forever Experience on Saturday, June 22 from 2 pm - 5 pm.  Come by and say HI, hug it out and get registered to Vote!!  I also have a limited edition collaboration HEADCOUNT FABULOUS rhinestone t-shirt that you can purchase, and pre-order it on the spot! (psss... it's almost sold out).


Steves Weekly Dinner Reservation Recommendation:  Hugo's Cellar

This week, we’re going back to the steakhouse category!  Hugo’s Cellar in the 4 Queens Casino in the Fremont Street Experience is the epitome of old-school Vegas kitchen and old-world quality of service.  The food is insanely good, but it’s the service that will blow your mind the most.  

Hugo's Cellar Rocks!!!

Meghan and I rolled in, wearing all our fab, and made half a dozen new friends in the waiting area, waiting for our table.  That’s your first sign these guys have it ALL figured out.  Waiting for our table was actually fun, because they had a large area with a bar, barstools, tables and chairs, which made it like “hanging out in a bar” instead of “waiting for a table.”  We met a lovely couple named Joseph and Saturday (yep, she said that’s her real name) and had a couple drinks together, chatted, and told them all about the Grateful Dead.  Maybe we’ll see them on the bus someday!
Steve Loves Steak!

Back to the service…. Tableside salad prep, a sommelier, and always a beehive of different people making sure everything on the table was perfect.  It was like military precision!  And the service is over-the-top friendly.  If I could place a bet on the average tenure of their staff, I’d definitely bet on a two-digit number.  These folks are committed.  
The brick lined walls, the rose they handed to Meghan, and just everything was sublime.  I had the filet mignon and Meghan had a large version of the table side-prepared salad, which is an experience in itself!  The salads were delectable and my steak was aged and cooked to perfection.  Sorbet for desert and a glass of port topped off the evening. 
Mini Sorbet cones to cleanse the palate! 

Meg's 2 Cents:  Mini sorbet cones to cleanse your palate at the end for the win!  And super bonus points for the long stem red rose for all the ladies!!

David’s Pick of the Week:  Pink Talking Phish (are Dead) @ The Brooklyn Bowl

A fantastic 1 > 2 punch of after show-shows this weekend at Brooklyn Bowl! This isn't ageism coming from a fella in his 50's but let's be honest... recharging with an effort to pull a second wind after a show at Sphere is a tall order! Fun fact of the week: I've been to 6 shows so far and am averaging 18,000 steps/show - which isn't too shabby! 

But let me get back on track. This Friday, Pink Talking Phish (are Dead) will be on stage by around midnight. If you aren't familiar or haven't seen them, this is not to be missed. A masterful mash up of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish - with the bonus addition of GD just for this weekend's show. I don't know about you, but this sounds like the perfect jukebox of jams (there I am showing my age again). Their setlists are incredibly creative and always surprising a la Ghost > Life During Wartime > Have a Cigar > Free > Fearless > Crosseyed & Painless. And on the way in (or out), you always grab a Double Double from In & Out which basically sits below Brooklyn Bowl's balcony and is open late - Vegas late. 

Can't stop won't stop? Good! The after show-show on Saturday is Daniel Donato's Cosmic Country. I've seen Danial and his incredible band 3 or 4 times over the last couple years and he just keeps getting better. He's got an arsenal of songs that are instant earworms, super danceable and a keyboard player so unique it's almost like he was AI generated. "Give me a psychedelic keyboard player circa 1971 with a soprano/falsetto voice of an angel and equally shreddy guitar skills. And give him a Very Brady look." That's Nathan "Sugar Legs" Aronowitz. Don't miss it.
Big weekend on tap so rest up (there I go again) and get your tix ahead of time as they tend to sell out come showtime. 
PS - I left out Melvin Seals and JGB who are playing Thursday night, simply going on the assumption that you're already familiar (and need to save your energy!).



Meghan’s Personal Pick o’ the Week:  Play Playground Bar, Luxor Hotel & Casino

My twin sister is in town this week with her girlfriends, and it's been really great to check out spots I normally wouldn't pick myself, and experience them while she's here.  The other night we visited a bar that was unexpectedly an amazingly fun evening, named Play Playground in the Luxor Hotel & Casino.  My sister described it to me as, "if you took all of our favorite childhood games and made them lifesize, then added frou frou alcoholic drinks, you'd have Play Bar."  Say no more!!  

My art was changed!

Colorful and instagram worthy, Play was a great way to get the night started.  My favorite games were the oversized "Lite Brite" and the "silver mirror balloon room."   I chuckled after someone changed my Lite Brite artwork from "MEG ❤️" to "men's genitalia." (photo above 😂).  We spent a lot of time taking selfies in the silver balloon room- I think that's what it's intended for!  

The Silver Mirror Balloon Room

No surprise, Steve was the star of the show and crushed every game... He even ranked as the #3 competitor for the day on all the many oversized scoreboards around the venue.  His performance on the "velcro wall" was epic and drew a huge admiring crowd.  The balance beam with oversized poker chips pelting him left us all in stitches.   

Steve Crushing the Balance Poker Beam

It was fun, interactive, and a great way to meet and engage with new people.   The drinks were strong, and I could help myself on the way out to purchase some overpriced, old-timey candy: Fun Dip and Pop Rocks.  I was super bummed to learn that Pop Rocks are no longer like they used to be... they no longer are rocks, rather powder that just fizzes gently in your mouth- a very disappointing discovery!!   All in all, we had a blast and recommend this interactive bar to anyone looking to do something different, on a first date, happy hour w/ co-workers or friends... this spot is a great time! 


Noteworthy Fabulous:  We have added a limited edition GD Fab logo canvas tote bag to every same-day-Vegas delivery order!  It's soooo amazing- roomy, perfect for the pool, and totally washable... and the quality is amazing.  You will want to use this tote for everything- it's not throwaway crap!!  

Shop the collection HERE 

Free & Fabulous:  The Dead Forever Experience, The Palazzo at the Venetian Hotel & Casino

Want to learn more about the music, Dead & Company and what started it all: the Grateful Dead?  Check out the Dead Forever Experience- a two-story museum that is equal parts exhibit, gallery, gift shop, cinema and interactive experience for all things historical and fabulously Grateful Dead.  You won't want to miss Jay & Ricki Blakesbergs curated photos spanning 1965-1995!  Enjoy the full gallery of Mickey Hart's artwork, marvel in David Lemieux's massive tape collection and check out the 1:4 scale version of the Wall of Sound.  Be sure to stop by the upstairs bar for some Grateful Dead-themed cocktails!  On your way out make sure to take a selfie with the large scale Dancing Bears... and be super sure to stop by the HEADCOUNT booth on Participation Row and say HI to me!!!! 


Meg's Shopping Find / Pre-Game:  Shakedown Vegas 

I'll be at Love on Haight at Shakedown Vegas on Thursday, June 20 & Friday, June 21 from 12 pm to 4 pm for personal styling, shopping tips, and lots of hugs!!  Come shop the new sparkling GD Fab collection with me!  We will pair all the new Fab back to the amazingness of Love on Haight's wicked tie dyes and epic accessories.  You can shop over 80 vendors of tie dye and Grateful Deadesque merch, grab a drink or 2 and enjoy the social scene and epic people watching! 

Tuscany Hotel & Casino, look for the signage once you enter the casino!  


After Party:   Tubbyland Rave, AREA15

Ok, so totally random but it really piqued my curiosity and I 95% will go to if I can stay up late enough (I'm a morning person) is the Tubbyland Rave at AREA15.  Guaranteed to be major eye and ear candy, this immersive rave is part musical, photoshoot opportunity, rave, psychedelic experience and walk down memory nostalgia lane!!   Dance the late night away with Tinky Winky,  Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po.  It sounds totally amazing and the perfect nightcap to an evening of Dead music and psychedelic graphics.    

Doors open at 9 pm, and this event should go late-late night.  Link to tickets: 

Tickets to the Psychedelic Tubbyland Rave!


Best Pool Party:  GO!  Pool Party, Flamingo Hotel 

Circling back to the GO! Pool Party at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.  I still think this is the hottest every day pool party on the strip- prove me wrong!!  Here is my post from week 1:  When I was in my 20s, we used to drive out to Vegas every weekend just for the summer pool parties. And I have to say, the Go! Pool Party every Saturday at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino is just like the Vegas summer pool party good old days.  It’s adults only, and the energy is electric. The music is pumping and nearly naked  beautiful people are everywhere.  It’s the perfect spot if you’re looking for 24 hour party people Vegas energy. 

(Flamingo Beach Club/Go Pool)


Fab Friend Fotos:  Please upload all of your fabulous fotos into our Facebook Group page every week!  Share pics of you wearing your Grateful Dead Fabulous! I’d love to hear about all the friends that you’re making through our small but mighty fabulous community!  I’ll be re-sharing your photos throughout the whole summer and loving on all you Fabulous 'fits!

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