Forever Party Girl Fabulous

Forever Party Girl Fabulous

I want to take it back to when I was a wild Hollywood Party Girl - man, life was FABULOUS! I know this is hard to wrap your head around, but I was way more outrageous in my 20’s and 30’s than I am now in my 40’s. I really thought I was invincible. I looked super hot (can you believe I thought I was fat, WTF??). l used to live at the tanning salon… seriously how funny is it that my face is totally a different shade than my body?!?!?  And don't even get me started about my tit makeup!!

The red velvet rope would part like the Red Sea when I walked up to the club. We’d party every night of the week except for Saturdays - that was amateur hour when only out-of-towners and Valley people came out to party. Parties at the Playboy Mansion, mingling with A-list Celebrities at the Spider Club, wearing amazing nearly naked outfits - clearly, I was someone that didn’t have real responsibilities or anything to lose. This major time in my life really shaped the inspired woman I am today. I was carefree and lived every moment like it was my last.

The dresses and accessories of Party Girl are reminiscent of a footloose time, with limited obligations and daring outfits. It’s definitely poking fun at the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll of our youth. For me this Party Girl Collection is personal. It’s about a time in my life that was non-stop over-the-top and I felt like the Queen of the world.

Feeling sexy has always been important to me, and I want my Queens to always feel sexy, confident and fabulous when they wear Meghan. This collection is a conversation starter for Queens that aren’t afraid to take risks. She’s not afraid to be herself, poke fun at herself and wear something edgy and fun. She isn’t scared to put it all out there - even if it’s as subtle as a pair of crazy earrings with her Navy Blue LilyPad Maxi Dress.

I fully believe there is a Party Girl in all of us in some way or another…. Even if you are conservative, modest or would never consider yourself a “Party Girl.” I think every Queen has a wild side and can appreciate letting loose. This collection is for the Party Girl in all of us - except we aren’t 20 years old anymore, our tastes and bodies have changed, but our passion for outrageous have not.

Now more that ever we want to let loose and celebrate life, and this collection can help you “Be the Party.” It’s unapologetic - like the Queens that wear it. We want to create Fabulous moments and this collection really puts it out there. This collection is the first of its kind, allowing you to embrace your inner wild child, take risks, and most importantly - CELEBRATE LIFE!!

Cheers to a FABULOUS Holiday season and Happy New Years,

Meghan Fabulous

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