GD Fabulous Las Vegas Weekly Roundup, Week 2, May 22-28

GD Fabulous Las Vegas Weekly Roundup, Week 2, May 22-28

Grateful Dead Fabulous Meet Up Location: It's our first ever GD Fab Vegas Meetup on May 24 at 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm, at the Bellini Bar in the center of the Venetian Casino.  We’ll be celebrating meeting you and all your Fabulousity!!! Come stop by on your way to the show for a cocktail and hug! 

GD Fab May 23 Meet Up Location! The Bellini Bar, Venetian Casino, Property Map: Location 122


Meghan’s Personal Pick o’ the Week / Shopping Find:  Hottie World :  How can you not already LOVE a store with a name like this!!  Hottie World is the perfect shopping destination for when you’re a stripper, but NOT REALLY a stripper.  It’s Vegas after all, and sometimes less is more when it comes to fashion.  

I first found this boutique 5 years ago when I was doing a photoshoot in Vegas.  The model had double EE sized boobs and when I cast her over a zoom call, she told me she wore a size Medium.  One to never second guess the talent, I headed to Vegas with a bunch of XL dresses that I relabeled as mediums..  I just knew that those “girls” weren’t going to fit into my M’s and knew I had to find some kind of fabulous undergarment support, like yesterday.  As I was  Enroute on the 15 to Vegas, a quick search on Yelp for “sexy rhinestone large busty undergarments sparkle Vegas” pulled up Hottie World (Hotties for short) as the #1 spot for all things cheap, glitter, fabulous, Vegas.  

Oh yes, Hotties is a total find!!  $5 rhinestone face gems, $20 metal mesh tops, impulse purchase sunglasses… rhinestone bikinis perfect for the Vegas pool scene or under your concert looks.  I always stop into Hotties when I’m in Vegas and I ALWAYS find something FABULOUS to wear.  You’re not going to find the highest quality product, but you will find something extra fabulous that will last a night, and make amazing memories in Vegas!  

Hotties Pro Tip: DO NOT BUY the shoes at Hotties!  Your feet will thank you for that one!  I’m all about cheap Fab, but these shoes are torture chambers!!

Hottie World
(702) 734-1743

Pre-Game:  it’s ALL ABOUT our first ever GD Fab meetup at the Bellini Bar in the Venetian Hotel, right in the center of the casino.  The exact location is listed above.  I hope you can make it!! 

After Party:  Jerry’s Middle Finger, Brooklyn Bowl May 25 & 26, 11 pm 

I had the pleasure of seeing JMF a few months ago in Hollywood…. What an energetic, fab time!  Reinterpreting the music of Jerry Garcia, this is the perfect venue + perfect band pairing to keep the music thru the wee hours!! 


Meg Fab Appearance: HEADCOUNT!!  I’m so excited to announce my collab with HEADCOUNT!!  All summer long I’ll be working in the HEADCOUNT booth inside the Sphere and Participation Row in the Sphere Experience registering Dead Heads to vote!  Come and find me in the afternoon of Ssturday, May 25 before the show for a big hug and register to vote!  I also have a limited edition collaboration HEADCOUNT FABULOUS rhinestone t-shirt that I created, and you can pre-order it on the spot! 

The FABULOUS impact of HeadCount by the Numbers:
-HeadCount is at over 1500 events a year and has more than 60,000 volunteers nationwide
-HeadCount has registered over 1.25 million voters over the last 20+ years
-HeadCount reaches young voters (18-29), who in the 2024 election:
---will be the most diverse voting block in history
---represent 1 in 5 voters
---16 million are voting for their first presidential election


Steves Weekly Dinner Reservation Recommendation:  The Italian American Club

It sounds like I sent some of you on a wild goose chase last week, with my recommendation of The Golden Steer, since reservations are impossible to get.  Still, I hope somebody had some walk-in success!  This week I’ll focus on a joint that is more attainable and just as authentic - the Italian American Club.  Remember that scene in the Godfather, where Michael shoots the dirty cop and the gangster in a small Italian place?  It kinda feels like that could happen here!  

This place is insanely colorful and authentically Italian.  It’s actually a private club, and you’ll see and probably meet some of the members, who are always there enjoying a drink, entertainment or a meal. There was a live lounge singer, and she invited some of her friends to come up and sing a song or two.  Turns out, they were lounge singers that were performing at other venues later, but this was where they were hanging out while waiting.  Yeah. It’s that real.  

I had the Veal Parm (hey, c’mon, don’t hate - it’s my favorite!) and Meghan had an eggplant appetizer and linguine and clams.  Everything was fresh, flavorful and robust.  Service was on-point.  The cocktails were perfect and the tiramisu was decadent.  Finish up with a couple of espressos and a glass of tawny port, and your night is complete.  

Don’t let the 2002-feeling website scare you away.  That just shows they don’t NEED a good website.  Still thinking about eating elsewhere?  Fuhgettaboutit….


David’s Pick of the Week:  Minzon - Israeli Street food has landed at The Venetian! Literally steps away from Sphere - an easy and insanely delish quick bite before or the show.


Best Pool Party:  Super rando and not very Heady at all….. my pick this week for best pool party is Wiz Khalifa at Drai’s Beach Club at the Cromwell Hotel, May 25.  I know this sounds like a total disconnect from the Dead Head world, but I think you’d be surprised how amazingly fun Wiz is live and how many songs you’ll find yourself singing along to!!  I recently saw him at the Cali Vibes Fest- he was upbeat and energetic and I really enjoyed singing along to his hits.  The rooftop pool party starts at 11 am, and Drai’s takes the dayclub experience to a whole new level.  I think the energy will be crazy high and this will be the perfect pre-Saturday show warmup to get your Vegas groove on!! 


Fab Friend Fotos:  upload all of your phone, Fabulous fotos into our group page every week!  Share pics of you wearing your Grateful Dead Fabulous! I’d love to hear about all the friends that you’re making through our small but mighty fabulous community!  I’ll be re-sharing your photos throughout the whole summer.

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