GD Fabulous Las Vegas Weekly Roundup, Week 3, May 29- June 4:

GD Fabulous Las Vegas Weekly Roundup, Week 3, May 29- June 4:

Meg Fab Appearance: HEADCOUNT!! Seriously can’t tell you enough how soo jazzed I am for my collab with HEADCOUNT.  In addion to the kick-a** rhinestone VOTE t-shirt that I created, on Friday, May 30 between 2-5 pm, I’ll be working in the HEADCOUNT booth inside the Dead Forever Experience / Participation Row registering Dead Heads to vote!  Come and find me before the show for a big hug and get registered to vote!   

All summer long I’ll be working in the HEADCOUNT booth, so if you aren’t in town this weekend, there will be many more opportunities to hug & rock up the vote! 

Shop the limited edition rhinestone tee here!  All proceeds benefit HEADCOUNT!  

The FABULOUS impact of HeadCount by the Numbers:

-HeadCount is at over 1500 events a year and has more than 60,000 volunteers nationwide

-HeadCount has registered over 1.25 million voters over the last 20+ years

-HeadCount reaches young voters (18-29), who in the 2024 election:

---will be the most diverse voting block in history

---represent 1 in 5 voters

---16 million are voting for their first presidential election


Grateful Dead Fabulous Meet Up Location: For our weekly meetup rather than meet at the Venetian this week, we will be supporting the Queer Dead Heads and the first day of Gay Pride Month at the Piazza Lounge from 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino.  Come out show your support for the LGBTQ Fam and bonus points for wearing something festive, colorful and sparkly!!  We’ll be toasting to the Fabulous QDH, and I hope to toast with you!

Meghan’s Personal Pick o’ the Week:  Vision’s of the Dead: A Grateful Dead Art & Photography Exibition, Gallery Opening Event:  June 1, @ the Animazing Gallery in the Venetian Shoppes, 1 pm - 3 pm.   Jay Blakesberg has been photographing the Grateful Dead and many other incredible bands for decades, and has the most amazing eye for capturing the moment and energy of the subject he is shooting.  Jay is a pillar in the Grateful Dead community, and just an all-around great guy to be around.  Jay alongside Chloe Weir, and the most famous Grateful Dead Artist, Stanley Mouse will be hosting an opening of some of their most iconic works June 1 at the Animazing Gallery in the Venetian Shoppes from 1 pm - 3pm.  Come and mingle, purchase & view some of the most iconic photos of the Grateful Dead in history.  

Steves Weekly Dinner reservation recommendation:  El Dorado Cantina

This week’s restaurant recommendation is a little spicy… but somehow seems apropos in Sin City.  El Dorado Cantina on the Strip is in the same building as the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “Taco Tuesday.”  Kidding aside, it’s an amazing restaurant with thoughtful decorative touches and ambiance that mixes modern and traditional Mexican decor.  And the service is always perfect.  Sit at the bar or get a table - you can’t go wrong as all their dishes are truly organic.  Meghan and I ordered an insanely delicious variety of their signature tacos, including fish, lobster, shrimp and filet mignon!  We loved them all.


The margaritas are out of this world and they have most any tequila you can think of.  I’m partial to the prickly pear margarita, and I’m 100% comfortable sipping away on a bright-pink drink!  Seems pretty “on brand” for us, right?!!  Meghan is a fan of the skinny margarita which is 100% authentic with nothing but tequila, lime juice and a hint of agave.  


Then, it’s decision time!  You can head next door through the back entrance and enjoy a spicy little diversion with your special someone.  Or, you can be perfect little angels and head back to your hotel for a nightcap.  Either way, remember that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!


Meghan’s Two Cents: “It’s surprisingly REALLY GOOD Mexican food.”


David’s Pick of the Week / After Party:  Late night at Brooklyn Bowl has become ‘a thing’ these first 2 weekends. LP Giobbi’s DeadHouse dance party brought the House down week 1 with Jerry’s Middle Finger delivering 4 incredible sets week 2. The groovy keeps rollin’ this weekend with Eggy doin’ the midnight thing on Thursday and Friday. Prep your second wind as the energy Eggy delivers is truly something special!

Can’t stop won’t stop!


Noteworthy Fabulous:  We have added a limited edition GD Fab logo canvas tote bag to every same-day-Vegas delivery order!  It's soooo amazing- roomy, perfect for the pool, and totally washable... and the quality is amazing.  You will want to use this tote for everything- it's not throwaway crap!!  Click here to shop the Fab in a Flash Vegas Collection.

Shopping Find:  LV Beauty Supply 4:   Last week I arrived in Vegas for the summer thinking I had brought everything I could possibly need for the next 2 months.  Of course I was wrong… I mean, I did a pretty decent job packing, but there were a handful of things- mainly beauty supplies that I was missing.  One to avoid shopping on Amazon and big-box-chains as much as I can…. and also one to venture off the usual, I stumbled across LV Beauty Supply 4 while running my daily errands.  From first glance, LV Beauty is intimidating.  Its neon lighted windows and big signs that fill the windows made it hard to figure out all they sold- but AM I SURE GLAD THAT I TOOK THE TIME TO FIND OUT!!  


When the automatic front doors open, it’s like a mega-emporium of beauty- mostly ethnic hair products and wigs, and  a whole lot of fabulous!  The young woman at the front desk asked me what I was in for- specifically Liquid Eyeliner (my brand for 20 years was just discontinued).  She directed me to a WALL of liquid eyeliner, all below $4.00!!  It was mind blowing how great the prices are at LV Beauty, and it felt good to support a fellow small business!  The dirt cheap prices inspired me to dig out my long-term shopping list and stock up:  Amazing leave-in hair moisturizing masks for next to nothing, buy-on-get-one-1/2 off eyelashes (Only on Tuesdays), killer colorful beads that are meant to be worn in the hair (but I’m going to use them as bead ties on all my swimsuits- the holes are so big and perfect!), and everything in between.   It’s one of those stores that you can try fun products that you normally wouldn’t buy because the price is high- this store is perfect for experimenting!   The girl at the check out told me, "I love how you came in for eyeliner, and are leaving with a shopping cart full of treasures!"  Super friendly staff, can't wait to go back... 

So I’ll meet you next Tuesday for BOGO 1/2 eyelashes next Tuesday???? 


Pre-Game:  If you aren’t joining the Queer Dead Heads Saturday Afternoon at the Piazza Lounge, at 3 pm - 5:30 pm at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino then you are missing out!!  Deets above!  


Best Pool Party:  Circling back to the GO! Pool Party at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.  I still think this is the hottest every day pool party on the strip- prove me wrong!!  Here is my post from week 1:  When I was in my 20s, we used to drive out to Vegas every weekend just for the summer pool parties. And I have to say, the Go! Pool Party every Saturday at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino is just like the Vegas summer pool party good old days.  It’s adults only, and the energy is electric. The music is pumping and nearly naked  beautiful people are everywhere.  It’s the perfect spot if you’re looking for 24 hour party people Vegas energy. (Flamingo Beach Club/Go Pool)


Fab Friend Fotos:  upload all of your phone, Fabulous fotos into our group page every week!  Share pics of you wearing your Grateful Dead Fabulous! I’d love to hear about all the friends that you’re making through our small but mighty fabulous community!  I’ll be re-sharing your photos throughout the whole summer.

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