GD Fabulous Las Vegas Weekly Roundup, Week 4, June 5 - 11

GD Fabulous Las Vegas Weekly Roundup, Week 4, June 5 - 11

Grateful Dead Fabulous Meet Up Location:  It's  the GD Fab Vegas Meetup on June 8 at 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm, at the Bellini Bar in the center of the Venetian Casino.  We’ll be celebrating meeting you and all your Fabulousity!!! Come stop by on your way to the show for a cocktail and hug! 

GD Fab June 8 Meet Up Location! The Bellini Bar, Venetian Casino, Property Map: Location 122


Meg Fab Appearance: HEADCOUNT!!  I’m so excited to announce my collab with HEADCOUNT!!  All summer long I’ll be working in the HEADCOUNT booth inside the Sphere and Participation Row in the Sphere Experience registering Dead Heads to vote!  Come and find me in the afternoon of Saturday, June 8 from 2-5 pm inside the Dead Forever Experience before the show for a big hug and register to vote!  I also have a limited edition collaboration HEADCOUNT FABULOUS rhinestone t-shirt that I created, and you can pre-order it on the spot! 


The FABULOUS impact of HeadCount by the Numbers:

-HeadCount is at over 1500 events a year and has more than 60,000 volunteers nationwide

-HeadCount has registered over 1.25 million voters over the last 20+ years

-HeadCount reaches young voters (18-29), who in the 2024 election:

---will be the most diverse voting block in history

---represent 1 in 5 voters

---16 million are voting for their first presidential election


Steves Weekly Dinner Reservation Recommendation:  The Peppermill


OK, so the show’s over but there is ZERO droop in your eyelids.  You’ve had a few more drinks than you intended, but hey, it’s Vegas baby! Then your stomach growls and you find yourself badly in need of some drunk eggs and bacon.  Or maybe French toast.  Yeahhhh…. French toast, with LOTS of syrup.  Oh, and maybe a Mai Tai!  Just one more… really!

But where?  No worries - the MegFab team has scouted out every location, including the late-night-I’m-drunk-and-need-some-food-now joints!  Peppermill Las Vegas has been taking good care of hungry party animals since 1972 and they’re open 24 hours on the weekends.  Their tag line is “As Vegas As Vegas Gets” and it is NOT an empty boast!
The joint may look familiar as soon as you walk in.  That’s because you’ve probably seen it already in movies including Casino and Showgirls.  It is classic Vegas kitsch, and offers incredible eats and damn good cocktails.  Meghan and I went late-night after the May 31 show.  Meghan was riding high on all the positive energy from meeting many of you while volunteering in the Headcount booth at the Dead Experience and I was jazzed up because I had called the Shakedown opener to high-fives from everyone sitting around us (what can I say, we make friends with everyone!)
I feasted on French Toast AND eggs-over-medium AND bacon.  It all paired perfectly with my Mai Tai!!  Meghan got scrambled eggs, sourdough toast (mmmmm….), turkey sausage, and shared the French toast - paired with margaritas with extra salt.  We were stuffed, but the carrot cake looked so ridiculously delicious that, yeah, we ate that too!! 
Then we fasted for 24 hours (or should have, anyway)! 
Oh, and don’t miss the Fireside Lounge, which is inside the Peppermill and a fantastic place to listen to music and enjoy (another) cocktail.  We have been here multiple times, and promise you can’t go wrong!  Have fun!
Meghan's 2 Cents:  The Fireside Lounge is epic!  It's Insta worthy and beyond FAB!

David’s Pick of the Week:  Meow Wolf

We've all come to Vegas to get our groove on with our favorite band - amiright? Well the groovy doesn't have to stop when the music does... because, Meow Wolf. Peel yourself off your poolside lounge chair any afternoon and take a 5 minute cab to one of, if not THE coolest immersive experience out there. Part art, part play, part statement...Get lost in (and beyond) aisles of whimsical products and difficult spills at Omega Mart, the exhibition that invites “shoppers” to explore beyond the store and uncover interactive artscapes from local and international artists. Keep your eyes peeled for the sorta-secret bar! 
The Vegas version was the second of 6 Meow Wolfs to be constructed. I had only been to the Denver outpost before visiting this one and it's wildly clever how they are completely different but woven together in ways I can hardly put to words. Mind bending? Totally...
And make sure to Exit through the Gift Shop and grab yourself some Experience Tubes. I'll say no more other than, trust me. 


Meghan’s Personal Pick o’ the Week/ Shopping Find:  Glam Factory

Who doesn't love well priced, tightly edited vintage clothing?!?!?  It's seriously like hitting the jackpot (pun intended).. Glam Factory is AWESOME.  When I say she has a Guard Pug, I am not kidding.  This is my soulmate store.  Well priced, friendly owner, quality finds...  When I was there last week, she had a handful of REAL vintage Grateful Dead shirts that have been living rent free in my mind every hour.  This is a must stop in the arts district.  


Free & Fabulous:  Live Flamingo Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino

I'll never forget the first time I saw the pink Flamingos... it was such a trip because they didn't even look real!   Seriously, 15 years later I can still sit and watch the pink flamingos all day with a fruity cocktail in hand. It is so much more entertaining than gambling, in my opinion.  The best part, IT"S FREE TO CHECK THEM OUT! 


Pre-Game: Shakedown Vegas 

Come shop over 80 vendors of tie dye and Grateful Deadesque merch!  grab a drink or 2 and enjoy the social scene and epic people watching! 

Tuscany Hotel & Casino, up the escalators in the Casino


After Party:  Catfish John 

Our Friends at Jayli Clothing have put together a killer Shakedown Event at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino, and have even added a after party into the mix!  This week on June 8, come and dance the wee hours away to cover band, Catfish John in the Copa Room, starting at 11 pm.  


Best Pool Party:  Tao Beach Club, Venetian Hotel & Casino

This week, veteran DJ, Teisto (one of my personal favs!)  will be spinning his hits poolside June 8, starting at 11 am, until 6 pm.  It's going to be a rager!!  


Fab Friend Fotos:  upload all of your phone, Fabulous fotos into our group page every week!  Share pics of you wearing your Grateful Dead Fabulous! I’d love to hear about all the friends that you’re making through our small but mighty fabulous community!  I’ll be re-sharing your photos throughout the whole summer.

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