Fabulous Las Vegas Dead Head Weekly Roundup, Week 5, June 12 - 18

Fabulous Las Vegas Dead Head Weekly Roundup, Week 5, June 12 - 18

Pre-Game: Shakedown Las Vegas, Tuscany Hotel & Casino

I am so super duper excited to announce that we will exclusively be selling our GD Fab Collection at Love on Haight at the Shakedown Vegas at the Tuscany Hotel every Thursday through Saturday all summer long!!  Come and feel, see and try on the collection in person and meet Sunny, the awesomest Queen Fairy Godmother of Glitter and Tie Dye!!  She is amazing and I am THRILLED to be working with her this summer.   And super even better announcement-  Sunny will have the whole new GD Fabcollection next week for you to shop and buy!  You seriously just read that right!  

We Love Sunny from Love on Haight!

In addition to shopping all the GD Fab and mind blowing tie dye, come check  over 80 vendors of groovy Grateful Dead-esque merch!  Grab a drink or 2 and enjoy the social scene and epic people watching!  Seriously, the killer people watching is worth the trip alone. 

Located at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino, up the escalators in the Casino, Thursday- Saturday from 11 am - 6 pm

Meg Fab Appearance: HEADCOUNT!!  I'm still crushing HEADCOUNT All summer long!  It's really been a joy to meet everyone, and participate first hand in an organization that is so near and dear to my heart, in the most important election year of our lifetime.  The HEADCOUNT booth inside the Sphere and Participation Row in the Sphere Experience, upstairs.  Come and find me in the afternoon of Saturday, June 15 from 2-5 pm inside the Dead Forever Experience before the show for a big hug and register to vote!  I also have a limited edition collaboration HEADCOUNT FABULOUS rhinestone t-shirt that I created, and you can pre-order it on the spot! 
HEADCOUNT, but make it Fabulous!

The FABULOUS impact of HeadCount by the Numbers:

-HeadCount is at over 1500 events a year and has more than 60,000 volunteers nationwide

-HeadCount has registered over 1.25 million voters over the last 20+ years

-HeadCount reaches young voters (18-29), who in the 2024 election:

---will be the most diverse voting block in history

---represent 1 in 5 voters

---16 million are voting for their first presidential election


Steves Weekly Dinner Reservation Recommendation:  Marrakesh

Can you imagine a restaurant that is SO good, it’s worth missing the show??  Well, that happened to us last week!  

Food that's smokin' at Marrakech
Meghan and I were on the way to the show last Friday, and planned to grab a quick bite on the way.  Meghan did a Yelp search for “fast and healthy” and asked me if Mediterranean food sounded good.  Sure, let’s do it!  Just to be sure, we called the restaurant and said we were in a big hurry to get to the show, and could they seat us immediately and serve us quickly?  Of course, they said - so we jumped in the Uber and off we went to Marrakech Mediterranean Restaurant.
At this point, we really have to make fun of ourselves, because we thought we were stopping off at a counter-service type place for a quick kabob before the show.  And we like to get to the show early to chat with friends, so we really wanted to get in-and-out quickly.  Well, we arrived and found it was a nice looking table-service restaurant, but no worries!  We confirmed with the friendly hostess that, of course they would be happy to put a rush on it for us.  Great!  Let’s go!  And off we went to a low table with a super comfortable sofa to sit on.  Nice!
Then the waitress came over.  She was friendly, engaging, and beautiful.  She said she had already been told we’re in a hurry, and quickly explains that the menu is prix fixe, and includes six courses.  Great, we say!  No decisions to make!  That sounds quick, so bring it on!  We placed cocktail orders, which arrived with an engaging show of fire and smoke!  This meal was a performance - an event!  Next she was washing our hands....
Steve had an orgasm in his mouth at Marrakech
At this point, even someone with a room-temperature IQ might begin to suspect that, um, a six course meal might not meet our definition of “a quick bite,” right?  Nope! Not for the fun-loving-happy-go-lucky Meghan and Steve.  We were still utterly clueless, as we received our cocktails and began to dig into the first course of homemade bread and lentil soup.  The soup was insanely delicious, with SO many flavors and complexity.  It is served in traditional Moroccan bowls, which one drinks from directly.  Next came the Shrimp Scampi which was equally extraordinary and flavorful.  Complex flavors seem to be the signature of this amazing restaurant!
Next came the third course, the Marrakech Sampler of hummus, Baba Ghannnouj, olives and vegetables.  Also delicious and the variety was so pleasurable.  And… at this point, it begins to dawn on us that hey, perhaps our on-time arrival at the show is at risk!  We say to each other, “Well, maybe we just won’t have as much time to chat with friends, but we should get there before the boys come on stage….”
And then… they cranked the music up so loud that I honestly thought someone had bumped the volume knob!  We were looking around, wondering what was going on when - the belly dancer arrived!  Yep.  Full-on traditional belly-dancer with finger cymbals and a sexy, sparkly flowing outfit.  Wow!  She was amazing.  And that broke us.  We finally looked at each other and said, “Hey, we’re not living in the moment!  Why are we rushing?  This is an incredible experience!  We’re here all Summer and are seeing plenty of shows, maybe we just skip tonight….”  We hadn’t bought tickets yet, so that’s exactly what we did and we have no regrets!  Marrakech is that incredible.  
Meghan gets in on the belly dancing action

Pro-tip:  pace yourself on those first three courses, because the fourth course is the Beef Kabob, which comes jabbed into the top of a whole pineapple which itself is sitting in a large bowl overflowing with “smoke” from the dry ice.  And then the fifth course is Moroccan Couscous & Chicken.  There we were, already stuffed full, and they put an entire chicken on the table!  Our eyes bugged out!  We ate it anyway, and that’s why we recommend that you take it easy on the shrimp and Baba Ghannouj courses!  
Now we were taking our time and enjoying it, and told the waitress to forget about rushing, as we had decided to slow down and enjoy.  We took a break, ordered another cocktail and settled back to enjoy the belly dancers.  Desert was still to come, but that could wait.  The show put on by the belly dancers was marvelous, and the whole place erupted in energy and fun.  Our cocktails arrived with more fire, as the waitress used a blowtorch to bring a block of wood to smoking temperature, ensuring our drinks had plenty of delicious smoky flavor.  They must have taken the batteries out of the smoke alarms years ago!
Finally, we were ready for desert.  It’s called B’stilla, a classic Moroccan pasty with bananas, nuts and chocolate.  It was so layered, complex and flavorful we couldn’t resist it.  Absolutely delectable.  
Bottom line:  GO to Marrakech, but do NOT go before the show unless you eat dinner at 4pm!!! Plan to take a couple hours to enjoy this absolute gem of a restaurant.  The experience is every bit as uncommon and sublime as the food.  
Meghan's 2 Cents:  Seriously, I googled:  "Fast, Healthy, Las Vegas".....

David’s Pick of the Week:  Chinatown

I bet you didn't know that Vegas has a rich with history, sprawling Chinatown. Packed with over 150 restaurants, 50+ massage "studios" and 6 traditional markets, you can also shoot machine guns, get a hyper realistic portrait tattoo and if you're coming off a bad night at the tables, pop by the Wreck Room where you can pay by the hour to smash things. Not joking. 

Going back to the food as the options are almost limitless, check out Yummy Rice for their Hong Kong-style three-preserved Meat Clay Pot. It's an unassuming spot in Shanghai Plaza with no website so you just need to trust me. And there are so many karaoke bars to slide into after dinner, some are defined by the genre. Into 80's new wave, they got you. Classic country? You're all set. 
Have a blast and let us know if you find any hidden gems! The heart of the action is on the corner of Spring Mountain and Valley View, about 3 miles off the Strip. 


Meghan’s Personal Pick o’ the Week / Shopping Find:  The Arts District

One thing that I have really enjoyed while living in Vegas this summer has been having the ability to really discover the hidden gems, and the nooks and crannies of Sin City.  This week I want to share a wonderfully great date night out that Steve and I had in the Arts District.

Craft beers and Crazy Decor at ReBar

Partying at the Velveteen Rabbit 

We were desperately needing a break from suburban Vegas, we ubered over to Main Street for a fabulous deliciously healthy pre-fix dinner at Main Street Provisions.  It's great that it doesn't get dark in Vegas until later in Las Vegas, so from there, we were able to do a mini pub-shopping crawl up and down the block, for what has to be one of my favorite pub/ shopping crawls in a while!  Must check out the speak-easy style Velveteen Rabbit for a "lit-up-cocktail,"  grab a Pabst and some vintage home furnishings at ReBar, Davy's for some drunken muchie tots, a quickie $10 tattoo at Koolsville Tattoo, some awesome vintage accessories at The Red Kat Vintage, and shop some killer rat-pack era Vegas hotel merch at Vintage Vegas Antiques.  

 A beer at Davy's

Kookyness at ReBar


Free & Fabulous:  The Dead Forever Experience, The Palazzo at the Venetian Hotel & Casino

Want to learn more about the music, Dead & Company and what started it all: the Grateful Dead?  Check out the Dead Forever Experience- a two-story museum that is equal parts exhibit, gallery, gift shop, cinema and interactive experience for all things historical and fabulously Grateful Dead.  You won't want to miss Jay & Ricki Blakesbergs curated photos spanning 1965-1995!  Enjoy the full gallery of Mickey Hart's artwork, marvel in David Lemieux's massive tape collection and check out the 1:4 scale version of the Wall of Sound.  Be sure to stop by the upstairs bar for some Grateful Dead-themed cocktails!  On your way out make sure to take a selfie with the large scale Dancing Bears... and be super sure to stop by the HEADCOUNT booth on Participation Row and say HI to me!!!! 


After Party:  The Fireside Lounge at Peppermill, Las Vegas

We reviewed the late night drunken eggs for this epic spot last week, so it's no surprise that you will find us this week raging the after hours midnight oil away at the Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill.  Equal parts swanky and Vegas kitsch, this lounge is a scene late night.  You never know what is going to walk in the door at the Peppermill, and you'll find us front and center this week for all the action.  grab an "umbrella in your drink," play some video poker, and sit back and watch all the magic unfold at the fire table this weekend!  


Best Pool Party:  GO! Pool Party at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Circling back to the GO! Pool Party at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.  I still think this is the hottest every day pool party on the strip- prove me wrong!!  

Here is my post from week 1:  When I was in my 20s, we used to drive out to Vegas every weekend just for the summer pool parties. And I have to say, the Go! Pool Party every Saturday at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino is just like the Vegas summer pool party good old days.  It’s adults only, and the energy is electric. The music is pumping and nearly naked  beautiful people are everywhere.  It’s the perfect spot if you’re looking for 24 hour party people Vegas energy. (Flamingo Beach Club/Go Pool)


Grateful Dead Fabulous Meet Up Location:  I will be taking a Happy Hour break this week!  Between HEADCOUNT, selling on Shakedown, and friends visiting from OOT - this mama needs a bye-week on partying!!  Stay tuned for week 6!! 


Fab Friend Fotos:  Upload all of your phone, Fabulous fotos into our group page every week!  Share pics of you wearing your Grateful Dead Fabulous! I’d love to hear about all the friends that you’re making through our small but mighty fabulous community!  I’ll be re-sharing your photos throughout the whole summer.

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