Grateful Dead Los Angeles Shows

Grateful Dead Los Angeles Shows

As an artist, the greatest feeling you can ever have is seeing your creations taking on a new life and customers making your designs their own. I live to see the Fab in the Wild! It legit brings tears to my eyes. My heart starts beating crazy, and an unexplainable warm emotion runs through my body. There’s really nothing like it! 😭

So to say this past weekend- the tour opener, 10 minutes from my house was insane- THATS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!🔥

I’ve waited a long time for this moment- this collection in the works for 2.5 years- my babies all waiting to find their new homes….. and LA YOU CAME THROUGH! The love & support you gave me was unreal. More than I could ever imagine 🫶🏻.

Check out the Sparkle Bomb Funnies and the Grateful Dead Fabulous Silk Scarf


Each and every piece styled differently… fabulous people of all walks of life loving on the Fab and proudly wearing it in their own way.

Shop the Grateful Dead Fabulous Collection here!

Wearing the Dead Head Rhinestone Nameplate Necklace!

This is what it’s all about! This is what Jerry set out to do when he created his music! And I’m beyond honored and proud to meet each and every one of you and give you a hug 🤗.

Rocking the Grateful Dead Fabulous Tie Dye Lace Cami!

Thank you so much for loving this collection! Yes, it’s bold and edgy- just like the beautiful humans that wear it! We are a FABULOUS TRIBE!

THANK YOU LA!! Thank you for supporting me & this collection, your feedback, the hugs, wiping my tears, your appreciation….. I’ll never get over this feeling and I owe it all to you. 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

Check out how we styled our Lady Killer and I Heart Hippies funglasses!

Catie wearing the Puff Puff Pass earrings!


What’s next?? Grateful Dead Fabulous 2.0 !!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Keep doing you, living life and enjoying the music!!

Much love, peace & Grateful Dead Fabulous, Meg Fab 🦄

I’m still in a Dead & Co-ma daze from this past weekend ⚡️💀🌹⚡️ They rocked my favorite song, Deal -so hard!!! I think it’s my new favorite version ever (clutch my pearls 📿😱)

Enjoying the weekend with friends new & old…. I love the energy so much!! All of this called for late night garlic gizz fries from The Kettle 🤤🍟🤤

Full disclosure- I retired from Shakedown vending this weekend 😢. I am so sorry to disappoint all the people excited to see me along this summer tour. I have to listen to my body, and it’s telling me this is not a good idea. I’ve had multiple spine surgeries the past few years to rebuild my spine- and been making insane good progress lately. Friday night, after standing on my feet for 9 hours on the cement, lifting boxes and excessive bending- I hit a wall. I was in excruciating pain- so much that I didn’t even want to go to the show! I knew that would be the last time I would do Shakedown in this capacity. Saturday I changed course, hung out, handed out stickers, merch & hugs, and just enjoyed being with my people. It was glorious!! 👯‍♀️🥂

I really have a whole new respect for Shakedown vendors that do this full time. It is an INSANE amount of work!! My old body has just tapped out 👵🏻😭

Hours of sauna, massage, heat pad, TENS, ice, stretching & rest I was much better 🩹🎉 and ready to enjoy the Saturday show. 🙏🏼

Confirmed I will be in Philly and all SF shows will bells on my shoes at shakedown, just not with the collection. I’ll have giveaways, stickers and lots of hugs to go around!! I still look forward to meeting you! 👯‍♀️🥂🎉

Enjoy the tour Queen Unicorns!!🦄


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