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Happy Hour: Spicolli's Surf Sizzurp

"Hey Brah. Hey Dude. - I caught some sick, totally radical gnarly waves out there but it was hard trying not to swallow the Chowder.......Tasty. Like drinking Spicolli's Surf Sizzurp. Soo Epic, Man."

Growing up in SoCal, surfer talk was just the way of life.... Hang ten, cut loose, going off, rock dance, sponger,,... how did I know all these terms by the time I was 16 you ask? 42nd Street in Newport Beach, Brah. ......And, I must have watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High at least 478 times by the time I was a Senior in High School. I freakin' LOVED that Movie. I wanted SOOO badly to hang out in Jeff Spicolli's Van and just talk about tasty waves and a cool buzz. I even had the checkered Vans. Multiple pairs. Living the beach life in The OC was just as close to Jeff Spicolli's life I was going to get and I was totally STOKED with that, Man.

Fast forward to the Fabulous present- I was invited recently to attend the Naos Yacht Lagoon Escapade in Catalina Island, California. A righteous, totally tubular Invite Only Event for the Exclusive Owners of the Naos Lagoon Catamaran. It's so exclusive that there are only 48 of these beauties in existence, 18 which were in attendance for the Lagoon Escapade a few weeks ago. Each night there was a themed night, with the Main Event happening Saturday Night- a Cocktail Contest!! TUBULAR!! This was the most EPIC time for me to test out my Spicolli's Surf Sizzurp! A nautical crowd sippin' on a surf inspired, TOTALLY GNARLY fun cocktail! How could my BITCHIN' drink NOT take home the Grand Prize Trophy You ask???...... Well, it didn't win the top prize (many guests approached me after the contest to tell me I was robbed of the title)....but I did have a totally FAR OUT time making my concoction. Not to mention all the other Guests really appreciated my creativity and the RADICAL drinking straws that made the drink so much fun to drink. I "HIGHLY" recommend this drink for your next Fiesta.... It will be the hit of the party as it is such a blast to drink. It's interactive, colorful.... and definitely NOT a WIPEOUT. Cheers!


-Stolichnaya Vodka
-Malibu (that's right!) Rum
-Hiram Walker Blue Curacao
-Finest Call Premium Sweet & Sour Mix
-Polar Pineapple Juice
-3 Large Boxes of Rainbow Nerds Candy (I "highly" recommend freezing them so the color doesn't bleed in the drink as quickly.)
-Swedish Fish
-Haribo Gummy Twin Sea Snakes
-Haribo Gummy Sour Straws
-Haribo Gummy Sea Sharks
-Extra Tall Clear Straws: I bought these on amazon (link at bottom.)
-1/2 Gallon Glass Fish Bowl

In a clean, Glass Fish Bowl pour all 3 boxes of Rainbow Nerds into the bottom of the bowl to create the look of a "Fish Bowl Aquarium." As mentioned above, freeze the Nerds ahead of time so they don't bleed as quickly into the liquid. Next, fill the bowl with 2 inches in height each of Stoli Vodka and Malibu Rum. Then pour in 3 inches in height of the Hiram Walker Blue Curacao... this give the drink it's "ocean-like' color. Add in the Pineapple Juice and Sweet & Sour Mix- only about 1 inch height each... too much of these yellow liquids will make the color murky and turn green.... no bueno! Lastly- fill the remaining of the bowl with Sprite. To garnish- "swim" in the Gummy Sharks, Gummy Sea Snakes and Swedish Fish. To create the Sea Kelp- Separate all of the Green Sour Straws and dangle them over the sides and into the bowl. Drop in the extra long straws and you have a TOTALLY BOMB FROTHING party drink that will sure be enjoyed by everyone!!

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