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Happy Hour: The Coco Loco

When I think of Coconuts, I immediately think of happy thoughts: white sandy beaches, warm sunshine, palm trees, tropical music and blissful Ire vibes. I want to teleport myself back to Maui...... drinking a fruity cocktail out of a fresh coconut, suspended in a hammock draped over the Pacific Ocean with my worries 2,500 miles away.

Back to reality: I'm sitting in a dirty, garmento office in stinky downtown Los Angeles, in 109 degree heat, and the Rats are out in full force. Uggggghhhhh.

Enter The Coco Loco...... my quick and easy fix to instantly transport me back to the tropics and sweep all my meaningless cares away.


-Two Ounces Coconut Rum- In my opinion, Rum Haven is tops- it's Authentic Caribbean Rum and NO added Sugar!

-Two Ounces Coconut Milk- You can also use Coconut Creamer if you want a heavier taste.

-Teaspoon of Honey- Trader Joe's is the cheapest and the flavor so rich!

-One Fresh Lime

-Lime Soda- I like the old fashion Bubble Up, but you can also use a sugar free, healthy version.

-8 Ice Cubes

-Shredded Coconut Flakes- Baker's makes a great version that's sticky and will adhere well to the glass.

-Cocktail Shaker

-Coconut Shaped Cup- I found this gem at the NautiShellCo Online (link below)... it was only $3 and will be a sure hit during the hot summer party season.

Spread about a half of a cup of the Coconut Flakes onto a baking sheet, and toast on low for about 10-15 minutes. Being the Domestic Goddess that I am, I nearly burnt down my pad trying to achieve the toasting... so trust me when I say this: toast the Coco on LOW(co) heat! It took me 3 tries to get it right, but then again- I have a 2-year old brand new oven that was just turned on for the first time last night testing out this concotion....(baby steps....)

While the toasty Coconut Flakes are cooling, combine the Coconut Rum, Coconut Milk (or Creamer), and Ice into the Cocktail Shaker and squeeze half of the lime into the mix. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake- until the mix is well blended and super frothy.

Set the cocktail mixture aside for the moment, and take the cooled toasted Coconut and mix with the untoasted Coconut Flakes... the ratio should be about half toasty and half not toasty. (side note: by mixing the toasted with the non-toasted Coconut, this will add more flavors, a pop of color, and makes the mixture easier to stick to the top of the cup.

For the Coconut Flake mixture to coat the rim of the Cup or Shell well, add the tablespoon of Honey to a flat plate and generously dip the edge into the honey. Once you have a solid 3/8" coat on the edge of the Cup with Honey, then dip the rim into the Coconut Flake mixture. You will have to coat it a few times to get even, heavy coverage.

Next pour the Cocktail mix into the Shell, and float the Lime Soda on top to fill the Cup. Finally garnish the drink with a Lime Wheel and fun, party straw.

After drinking these, my whole office is on Vacay-Mode..... we've turned on the Bob Marley Channel on Spotify, and I just noticed my Design Assistant is secretly looking at LastMinuteTravel.com. I'm telling you!!! This Drink has the Magical Powers!!

Cheers! Meghan Fabulous

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