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Happy Hour: The Dirty Corona

I love beer. I especially love a frothy, ice cold beer on a sweltering hot day. It just always hits the spot. I also really love martinis with lots of extra olives. Mmmmmmm......the briney taste of the olive in contrast to the alcohol - it's delicioso! But martini's aren't always the best day-drinking drink. Toss back two martinis and the world completely fades away. The next thing you know - you are completely hammer-time.

So there I was a few weeks ago, my new boyfriend and I took his boat out for a day sail on the Pacific Ocean, when he informed me that he had a really awesome surprise for me. "What could it be? An awesome surprise?" I thought.... My wheels were really turning!!! Five minutes later, he came back with two Coronas in hand - both FULL of olives. Huh?????? "This is my awesome surprise?" I thought... eye roll included.

"This better be good," I muttered under my breath as he began to explain the history and novelty of the Dirty Corona. At first the taste was a little off-putting. The smooth beer taste coupled with the briney olive and pimento - I didn't really know if I liked it or not. But after a few swigs of the interesting concoction, it really grew on me!

The Dirty Corona is not just a drink - there is a whole drinking game involved with it which makes it so much fun. Upon opening the Corona, you must shove multiple manzanilla olives into the beer: the more the better! Then everyone takes a big gulp of the beer to see how many olives you can suck out without taking a breath or break.... It’s kinda like doing a keg stand, but not as dangerous or frat boy stupid. It's really fun and a FABULOUS party cocktail that will get everyone talking and mingling. You heard it here first! This is an amazing beer-based drink that everyone will love... AND not only is it a beer, but a snack as well! Score!

The history of the Dirty Corona is legend. It was invented by Marc Reiser, a good friend and former business associate of Steve’s. Mark is a die-hard Yankees fan and Steve was an Orioles fan. Back in the early 2000’s they had a tradition where Steve made an annual business trip to New York City to catch a Yankees vs. Orioles game with Marc. Before the game, they spent a few hours at a bar named Stan’s, right outside the old Yankee Stadium. It was there that they would celebrate their friendship and rivalry over a dozen or so Dirty Coronas.

Over the years, they've both continued to introduce numerous people to the Dirty Corona. Some love it, some hate it. It’s a very polarizing drink! But it’s totally fun since it’s an activity as well as a drink, in that developing the technique to successfully suck olives out of the bottle while drinking a full beer takes some practice.

Just to set the scene really quick - hanging out on a sailboat is really relaxing. The ocean breezes, a sporadic wave tossing you here and there, the beating warm sunshine, the tranquility and vast scope of the water.... There's really nothing like it. So if there ever was a fun, ideal beverage for a day out on the water, I'd say the Dirty Corona is it! Just drinking a beer is fine, but I now know why the Dirty Corona was my surprise. I love fun. I love beer, and a good martini. I love drinking games. Roll those all into one and you have one hell of a good time - the perfect surprise for a perfect day on the water! I hope you enjoy the Dirty Corona as much as I do and can master sucking out as many olives as possible. Below is the beyond-simple recipe that is sure to be a hit at all of your shindigs. Enjoy & cheers!


- 1 Corona beer (I prefer Corona Premier since there are fewer calories)
- 1 jar of manzanilla olives, pitted and with pimentos

Open the Corona and shove in as many Manzanilla Olives into the top. Manzanilla Olives are the only Olives to use as they are narrow and can easily be put in the Beer and are fairly easy to get out. Make sure that every Beer has the same amount of Olives so you can keep tabs on who can suck out the most. That's it! The most simple and fun drink recipe you will ever experience.

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