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Happy Hour: The Pretty in Pink

Spring is my favorite time of the year... and what better way to celebrate the Sunshine then with a Fresh Cocktail. Mixing some of my favorite things together: Champagne and Tequila... and you have yourself a serious party. Here is my favorite Cocktail to ring in the new season.... Cheers!


-1 ounce Silver Tequila.... My favorite is Kah Silver

-1/2 ounce Orange Liqueur

-3 ounces Pink Lemonade...I love the old school frozen- it reminds me of my Lemonade Stands as a kid

-Brut Champagne... Vueve Clicquet Rose' is so fancy

-Ice Cubes

-Grapefruit Halve

-Pink Himalayan ground Salt

-Sprig of Fresh Mint Leaves

-Edible Flower

Add Tequila, Liqueur, Pink Lemonade and Ice Cubes in Cocktail Shaker and shake vigorously. Take your favorite, fun party glass and rim the glass in the Grapefruit, then in the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Strain the Lemonade Mixture into the glass 3/4 of the way full, then top off the glass with a Float of Champagne and a splash of Fresh Grapefruit Juice. Garnish the Cocktail with a fresh sprig of mint and an edible flower. Lastly, sit back and enjoy the beautiful season and gorgeous Pink Fiesta in your mouth!!


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