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High School Hair Bands

When I was in Junior High, (MAJOR Puberty) there was nothing more strange but incredibly awesome then to see grown men wearing more makeup and Aqua Net then I wore.... but they made KICK ASS rock n' roll and I loved it... and to top it off, these dudes bagged all the hot ass babes. I was hooked. I got a subscription to RIP Magazine, and would ride my bike (see below awesome bike) to The Music Market in Costa Mesa each week to buy every single cassette tape that my paper route dough could afford. This was my main outlet for my rebel teenage angst.

To escape life I would put my black foamy headphones on, and crank up the bass up on my Walkman (another splashy purchase with my paper route cash... total random side note: I also splurged on one of those bikes with the foam covered turndown handles... I was a BAD girl and still am to the core.)

Let's be honest- these jams F'ing ROCK and they bring back so many awesome memories. White Snake, Poison, Warrant, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Tesla.... these names just evoke emotion deep down inside. These are the jams that got me through cystic acne, braces and blue eye shadow, and into my current bad bitch lifestyle. P.S..... Enjoy my Classic B-Side Ballads.....

Rock on! Meghan Fabulous

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