The Weekly Fabulous Dead Head Guide, Vegas Edition May 15-21

The Weekly Fabulous Dead Head Guide, Vegas Edition May 15-21

Hey Now Fab Vegas Friends!!  This summer is going to be epic... I can't believe opening weekend is here!!  Each week I'll be bringing you my favorite Vegas hotspots, exclusive party info, and the what's what of Fabulous happenings around town, ALL. SUMMER. LOOONG.  Here is my round up for May 15-21: 


Meghan’s Personal Pick of the Week:

Honestly, if I didn’t love and appreciate this group so much, I would keep this one all to myself (and have for 25 years now 🤐)!  Since I was a high schooler, I’ve been shopping at Savers every single time I come to Vegas. It’s like a gigantic thrift department store, and some of my most insane vintage pieces everyone compliments were all hand-picked from this awesome store. It truly is a hidden gem of a find, and is worth the taxi drive off the strip.  Keep in mind, it's a thrift store so I can't guarantee, but the Vegas odds are good that you will find something Fab! 

Savers Thrift Store:

(702) 474-4773 


Pre-Game:  On a budget?  Here’s a list of budget-friendly, all summer long pre-gaming Vegas bargains!: 

After Party:  LP @ the Brooklyn Bowl:  Our favorite Dead Head DJ Queen, LP Giobbi will be performing her awesome Dead House set late night, May 18.  If you haven’t seen her perform live yet, run don’t walk. It is a must-not miss event. She is electric and lights up the stage.  Mixing Dead music with Jerry Garcia's spoken words will be playing rent free in your mind for weeks to follow.

(Dead House - LP Giobbi)


Shopping Finds: Shakedown, Tuscany Vegas:  it’s the first weekend of the residency at the Sphere, and I know that this shakedown party is going to go off!  Liora, of Jayli clothing has organized one of the most unbelievable shakedown events ever. The detail and work involved is mind numbing.  She has organized over 70 shakedown vendors, bands, and artists who will all be selling their wears all throughout the summer long.  There’s even a free shuttle!! I highly suggest you take a look at this wonderful event that she's created!!  (Tuscany Suites & Casino)


Best Pool Party: Go! Pool Party, the Flamingo Hotel .  When I was in my 20s, we used to drive out to Vegas every weekend just for the summer pool parties. And I have to say, the Go! Pool Party every Saturday at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino is just like the Vegas summer pool party good old days.  It’s adults only, and the energy is electric. The music is pumping and nearly naked  beautiful people are everywhere.  It’s the perfect spot if you’re looking for 24 hour party people Vegas energy. (Flamingo Beach Club/Go Pool)


Steves Weekly Dinner reservation recommendation:  The Golden Steer Steakhouse

From Steve:  Authenticity made Meghan and I fall in love with the Golden Steer.  Authenticity is our watchword for our brand, and this classic Vegas steakhouse absolutely oozes with it.  The decor seems like a hip Vegas museum, with every classic piece of memorabilia more interesting than the last.  I found myself apologizing to other diners for staring over their table at whatever was on the wall behind it!  We were certain the Rat Pack would come rolling in any minute….
And the food?  Stupidly good.  I had the filet mignon.  Meghan laughed as my eyes rolled back in my head and I collapsed into a puddle of euphoric goo in Clint Eastwood’s booth.  Yeah, it was that good.  Meghan had the salmon and was equally blown away.  I’m convinced she’s part Grizzly Bear, she eats so much salmon.  So she knows the good stuff!  
The hard part?  It’s almost impossible to get a reservation there unless you call months in advance.  But, on the night we went, we rolled in the front door with big smiles and a friendly attitude - and what turned out to be the pièce de résistance - a beautiful Stetson Silver Belly cowboy hat that Meghan had surprised me with earlier that same day!  The maitre d’ loved the hat, loved our friendly vibe, and promised he’d “do his best.”  One drink later, we were sitting in Clint Eastwood’s booth - proving once again that the universe gives back to you whatever type of energy you put in! 


Grateful Dead Fabulous Meet up Location: Our first weekly meet up will start May 24! Stay tuned next week for the location and date of our first ever GD Fab Vegas Meet Up Event!!


Meg Fab Appearance:  We’ll be in Tennessee this weekend for Steve’s son’s graduation, but stay tuned next week for a big announcement! 


Fab Friend Fotos:  Upload all of your Fabulous fotos into our facebook group page every week!  Share pics of your fits and wearing your Grateful Dead Fabulous! I’d love to hear about all the friends that you’re making through our small but mighty fabulous community!  I’ll be re-sharing your photos throughout the whole summer!!   

 David’s Pick of the Week:  if you don’t know David Schlesinger yet, let me introduce you to the biggest Grateful Dead geek ever (Not nerd geek, but cool geek 😉, and ladiesss, he’s single 🤴🏻).  David is the who’s who in the Los Angeles Grateful Dead scene, and we at Meg Fab are so blessed to be working with him.  David also has an amazing tie-dye company named corner 12, and is the mastermind behind of all of Steve’s epic shirts that you all complement so much.  Each week, David will share his insider knowledge and scoop and the what’s what of ultimate cool of cool happenings in Las Vegas.  

 From David, May 15-21:  Just settling into Vegas and looking for Shakedown? Swing by Brooklyn Bowl from noon - 5pm on Saturday to dig into dozens of creators' artistic offerings - and beyond…  I'll be selling my tie dyes so come say Hi and meet me in person at the Brooklyn Bowl!

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