Sheen Magazine Photoshoot Fabulous! ūüďłūüėéūüíčūüíé

A really great opportunity for me to be hyper creative is through fashion styling.  I love being able to showcase my vision and fantasy of how clothing could be worn and accessorized. I enjoy collaborating with the photographer, model and glam team to create the vibe and looks.  I love to feature other aspects of my design aesthetic that's something other than "boho glam" or "maxi dresses" which I am best known for. 
So when I was asked to collaborate and style an issue of a Sheen Magazine editorial I jumped at the chance to be a part of such an awesome project.  I loved the concept that Sheen Magazine envisioned of "Modern Space Goddesses" that just landed on earth.  It's brilliant!
I love this photo of me with the model. Everyone knows I'm 6' tall and I look petite standing next to the platform wearing 6'8" glamazon model! 
I took the idea and ran with it creating one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces that looked like something from the future, but not too literal.  I played up on the idea that the outfits looked almost like "fabulous space trash."  
The project was shot in a ghost town in the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was the perfect location for this project with all of the kooky relics and vintage automobiles.  It really felt authentic to this photo shoot.  
This editorial really let me show my bohemian glamourous customer that you can also be edgy, playful, cheeky and even a little bit tomboy.  Here is the spread in Sheen Magazine- I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating this magic!

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