LP Giobbi Wearing The Dark Star Kimono

LP Giobbi Wearing The Dark Star Kimono


At last, The Dark Star Kimono had its long awaited moment in the (desert)sun! I’ve been saving this one-of-kind hand beaded kimono & bodysuit for the perfect artist & moment and @lpgiobbi, you made this Momma proud! 🫶🏻🦋

LP- thank you for giving my art a life outside of the dreams in my head🪩

Created in 2017 w/ big hopes & plans, these special pieces of wearable art were destined for someone as one-of-a-kind as they are. I’ve photographed them numerous times, shown at countless shows, and selfishly I’ve been holding on to them for the perfect beautiful soul to fill them.

The silk shantung shell is flanked with evil eyes to ward off envy, with thousands of hand embroidered mirrors, glass seed beads, shells, sequins and pearls. The bottom hem is strewn with iridescent dragonflies- my personal reminder to grow past self doubt and create new beginnings. The silk habotai lining print I created to match, and is covered in brightly colored palm trees, to symbolize my strength & resilience. The mirrors are a reflection of myself on a deeper level. The vessel: the kimono- my forever spirit garment with which I feel a deep connection and hold the upmost appreciation and respect for always….

@embryfox girl!!! Your styling magic wizardry🧝🏼‍♀️🪄blows my mind and I feel blessed to work with you! 👯‍♀️ 

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