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Something Old, Something New… What the Heck Did I Get Myself Into?


So when my boyfriend’s sister asked me for advice to help her choose a wedding dress, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew I could make her feel like a queen. I just didn’t realize what I was getting myself into...

Mission: Superstar Bride

I’d been dating my boyfriend, Steve, for about a year when his sister, Tricia, announced her wedding date. She and Kenny had been together for about 5 years, so this was exciting news.

When the conversation first started, Tricia contacted me about an old dress of mine that she had fallen in love with on Poshmark. Sadly, I could no longer produce that dress. She told me what she loved about my dress was that it was non-traditional. She loved the bohemian vibe. It was bra-friendly and looked comfortable. And she loved that she could wear it again. Without hesitation, I told her I’d be thrilled to gift her any dress that was available on my website for her farmhouse wedding.

Of course, she picked the sexiest dress! Think backless, spaghetti straps, slinky bias cut... (Why wouldn’t she? ;)) I FedEx’ed her multiple sizes with the instruction to take lots of photos. I wanted to see the front, the back, and everything in between. Tricia is a stunning, gorgeous woman who could pull off any look. But deep down in my gut, I knew this wasn’t her wedding dress. For any woman over 50, this dress would require duct tape, Spanx, and dancing the wedding reception night away with underboob sweat and regret. Not the perfect recipe for an Early August wedding in humid, rustic West Virginia.

Before I could bite my tongue, I offered to design and make Tricia a custom wedding gown. I couldn’t help myself. It’s just my personality. I’m a people pleaser and making dresses is my passion.

In Deep

Everyone said I was crazy. This was the worst idea imaginable. I could ruin Tricia’s wedding and my relationship with Steve in one move. A million things could go wrong and the timeline was virtually impossible…. Not one to listen to naysayers, I dove in headfirst.

The first step was to nail down the shape of the gown. Tricia loved the halter neck style and thought this was the most flattering neckline for her body. I suggested a true waistline seam and maxi skirt that fluted out to an a-line hem. I knew this was the secret sauce to highlight her beautiful curves and allow her to feel comfortable and confident.

Making a custom wedding dress is a full-time job. But the thing is, I already have a full-time job. Running our business takes up all my energy. Once I agree to do something though, I’m committed. If you ask for 10 — I’ll give you 100. So even though I was stretched thin to the max — this dress was a high priority. I would make it happen in my sleep if I had to.

This dress drained weeks of my time. I was endlessly pounding the pavement in Downtown LA scavenging for the perfect fabrication. After six weeks, 100 lace swatches, and dozens of emails and texts back and forth to Tricia, I had nothing. Luckily I still had a beading factory connection overseas and I knew I could call in a favor. It only took one email. My beading connection sent me a photo with a stunning, art-deco inspired, all-over sequined mesh. I forwarded it along and Tricia replied immediately, “That’s it. That’s my dress!”

Fit From A Photo

As I waited for Tricia’s fabric to arrive, I had to get the fit of the dress perfected. Tricia lives 3000 miles away in Virginia. Which meant this whole process was going to happen without taking proper measurements or being in the same room with her. All I had to go off of was some photos of Tricia in a dress that didn’t fit perfectly and her general dress specs.

Within a few days, I had made a pattern and cut a mock-up fit sample in a similar embroidered mesh. I said a million prayers and FedEx’ed it to Tricia. The wedding gown gods must have been smiling on me because the sample dress fit like a glove! Getting a perfect fit from a photo? THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

Sequins, and Feathers, and Rhinestones...Oh My!

As we patiently waited for the actual wedding dress fabric to arrive, Tricia had some last-minute design ideas. “What about a contrasting hot pink lining? Maybe some feathers and beads on the ties?”

In my experience, brides are inundated with inspiration. They tend to change their minds on a whim when the latest bridal magazines hit the newsstands or photos of a celebrity wedding surface on the internet. It’s difficult to tell a bride no. But as The Dress Designer, I wouldn’t be doing my job if the dress didn’t make you look and feel your best on your special day. I knew that some of her suggestions would not translate well. This is her dress, after all, but she’s a lawyer, not a creative! Thankfully after a lot of back and forth, we agreed that hot pink lining might not be the best idea. But the beaded feather tassels would look great and add a lot of personality.

Once the fabric arrived, I immediately started cutting it myself by hand. I only received 7 yards and there was no wiggle room for error. At that point, we were already cutting it close. I only had 2 weeks to sew up the dress and get it in her hands in time for the wedding. I vividly remember walking into FedEx the evening I finished it. I was nervous and filled with anxiety as I shipped off Tricia’s wedding dress.

Tricia LOVED the dress. Except for a hem, the fit was perfect. I could breathe again — just in time to head East for the wedding. I finally would get to see Tricia in her dress in person for the first time.

Disco Ball Bride

The wedding venue was even more amazing than I ever could have imagined.

Loafer’s Glory is a rustic resort nestled in the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. Even though I wasn’t the one getting married I was nervous as hell. It was super important to me that Tricia felt amazing and comfortable on her wedding day.

As we’re getting ready before the ceremony, Tricia’s daughter, Annie came up to me. She said with an almost somber tone, “Tricia needs you.” Imagining the worst, my heart dropped out of my chest and I started sweating bullets. Every imaginable disastrous scenario raced through my head.

I walked into the bridal suite where Tricia was getting ready and she said, “I just wanted you to be the one to zip me up.”

Tricia looked incredible. It was everything I’d imagined for months. Of course, I started crying and then she started crying. This process had been extremely emotional and nerve-wracking for both of us. And we had come out better and stronger friends because of it.

One of my favorite moments was during the ceremony. As the sun set, it lit the dress in the most jaw-dropping way. The light radiating off the sequins drew “oohs” and “ahhs” from the crowd. Tricia looked like a disco ball — straight out of Studio 54. Every bit of her glowed. In that instant, I realized every headache and sleepless night had been worth it.

Be the Best Version of You

Tricia shared some thoughts with me recently:

“On my wedding day, I felt effortlessly beautiful, powerful, and fully myself… So often when a woman wears a special dress, the dress takes over and she becomes the dress rather than the dress becoming her.  My wedding dress became and enhanced ME — the very best version of me.”

Photo by Molly Scott Photo & Video

THIS is why I do it. I want everyone wearing Meghan to be the best version of themselves. I’ll probably never make another wedding dress. (Unless Beyoncé calls.) But I want every woman to feel like a superstar.

Unique Comfortable Bridesmaid Dresses

As a fashion designer, my main mission is to create clothes that make women of all shapes and sizes look fabulous. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses it can be tough to find one style that will flatter everyone. That’s why I design with all bodies in mind. Whether you’re a size 2 or a 24, you’ll kill it wearing Meghan.

When I created the LilyPad and the Jasmine Maxi Dresses, I designed them with this in mind. These dresses flatter all shapes and sizes. They’re designed with movement — to look dramatic walking down the aisle or tearing up the dance floor. You’ll be excited to wear your dress again and it won’t max out your credit card either! I love that these styles are so versatile and can be worn to so many occasions seamlessly. When you open your closet — there’s your trusty Meghan dress ready for its next party.

I’ve worn dresses to weddings that are so fitted to my body I can barely sit, let alone eat.  What’s the point of looking hot if you feel miserable? In my dresses — if you want to eat a cheeseburger, make it a double! I love the way the fabric feels out on the dance floor. Not only are these dresses fun to wear but they’re practical and easy to pack. And the best part? You can skip the pantyhose and shapewear!

Wearable Art

I put love into everything I make. Whether it’s a custom gown for a dear friend, a new maxi dress for my latest collection, or a martini at the end of a long day. It doesn’t matter who you are. When you’re wearing Meghan you get the special treatment. Each and every one of my customers is a superstar.

I like to think of my clothes as wearable art and you’re the canvas. Helping women look and feel beautiful is what I live for. I get excited every time I see a woman owning her look in one of my designs. It’s all about letting your personality shine and your energy glow. Bold colors and fun prints make life more exciting! I promise you that you’ll be addicted to all the compliments and attention as you radiate beauty and confidence at your next event.

Shop Showstopping Maxi Dresses

Special thanks to:

Molly Scott Photography and Video

Annie Radigan Hair and Makeup Artistry

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