VIDEO: Fabulizing Your Wardrobe with Meghan

I just put together this totally awesome video for all you badass babes featuring our #MEGHANFABULOUSDRESS Contest Winner.  So many of you posted amazing photos of yourself in Meghan dresses, and we loved them all!  When the names were drawn from the hat, Jen Irwin was the winner of the styling session with me, your Fashion Fairy Godmother!

Jen is the author of "A Dress the Color of the Sky" which is an amazing read!  She has a closet full of Meghan and in this "fabulizing" session, I brought her several new styles.  We dug through her closet and her jewelry drawer to pull together complete looks, in some cases bringing new life to favorite heirloom pieces!

Short on time?  Watch the one-minute preview, or scroll down to watch the full five-minute version! 

Lots of love,


One-Minute Preview

Full Five-Minute Version 


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