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The Ayaka Tunic

I have always been inspired by Japan and it's Culture, People, Food and Style. So it's no surprises that the Kimono holds such a special place in my heart. From the beautiful colors, prints and embroideries, to the many different ceremonial layers that make up the many different styles of the Kimono, every piece of clothing that I have designed has been inspired by the iconic style.

When I designed the Ayaka Tunic, I wanted every element to pay homage to the Kimono. Like the Kimono, every single piece is unique, using one-of-a-kind fabrics and prints. The sleeves are open, and the front can be wrapped like an Obi with the detachable belt. I love a good versatile style, and the wrap front can be worn open like a cardigan, closed as a dress, or over pants as a tunic.


Pronounced: ah-yah-kah. 彩花. From Japanese 彩 (aya) meaning “color” combined with 花 (ka) which means “flower.”

Each Tunic is a work of art; cut from vintage, recycled, and hand-painted fabrics with a focus on minimizing environmental impact and creating a look that is all your own.

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