What Memorial Day Means to Us

What Memorial Day Means to Us

Dear Fabulous Queens,

I’m usually the “behind the scenes'' guy, working on spreadsheets and other boring business stuff that makes all our fabulous fun possible. Our entire team shares one goal: to spread love and happiness by sharing Meghan’s singular talent, vision and happy vibe with all the women (and sometimes men) of all the world. This Memorial Day however, we decided not to run any promotions or discounts or otherwise commercialize what is a meaningful day to us, and should be a somber day of reflection for all.

There is debate about the origins of Memorial Day, but there is no debate about the meaning: to remember and honor those who gave their lives in defense of our freedom. While I never served (one of very few regrets in my life), my father retired as a captain in the Navy. We still have old, 8mm home movies of planes taking off and landing on carriers during the Vietnam War.

My dad, Steve Dunlap, Sr., returning from his first Vietnam deployment in 1970. My sister, Tricia and I are in his arms, and his E-2A Hawkeye is in the background.

Meghan’s father retired from the Navy as a Lieutenant and also served in Vietnam. Both our families have a long history of military service, stretching back through history. Her maternal grandfather trained service dogs in the Coast Guard. My ancestors fought on both sides of the American Civil War. Until the day she died, Meghan’s grandmother, Ruth had a blanket on her sofa that read, “Freedom is not free” - a sentiment that we forget at our own peril. That blanket now enjoys a place of honor on our own sofa, and always will.

Meghan and I have a deep love for our country, and tremendous respect and gratitude for all who served. On Memorial Day we honor those who, when duty called, gave the ultimate sacrifice. Especially in these modern times when it seems the world has gone insane, we invite you to pause with us and respectfully reflect on the meaning of the freedoms we enjoy, from where those freedoms come, and the cost of their defense. Indeed Ruth, freedom is not free.

God bless the families that have lost a loved one - we are grateful for your sacrifice. Thank you to all of you who served our country, and also your families that supported you. Thank you for sharing this journey with Meghan, me and our whole team. And may God bless the United States of America.

Steve Dunlap
Meghan, Inc.


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