Will You Be My Galentine?

Will You Be My Galentine?

I am a true sappy romantic at heart (pun intended) and haven’t always had a significant other to share the love with on Valentine’s day. There have been countless years that I have celebrated Valentine’s day with my close girlfriends over a bottle of wine all dressed for each other in at the hottest Hollywood restaurant.

I’ve really been so blessed to have some great girlfriends that are there for me when I didn’t feel so loved. So a few years ago when my famed “Girlfriend Valentine’s Day” was rebranded by Hallmark to become an alternative to the holiday of love, I thought to myself “what took them so long?”

Us single girls have been unofficially celebrating Galantines Day for decades!!

This Galantines Day I have made some unique gifts for my 2 best girlfriends, Bree Baker and Samantha Dickens. I think nothing says “special” more than a homemade gift, and I’ve crafted some super one-of-a-kind, easy to recreate projects all by using things I have around my house and inexpensive items that I picked up at the local 99 cent store!!
Bestie, Bree Baker

Bestie, Samantha Dickens

Check out my quick tutorial video below for ideas on designing your own fun Galantines that your besties will sure love! (Pun also intended!)

Enjoy & happy, fabulous crafting,
Meghan Fabulous

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