The Maldives - Meghan Fabulous

The Maldives

For my latest travel destination, I wanted to go somewhere completely off the grid....

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Bali - Meghan Fabulous


I recently had the opportunity to spend 16  luxurious days in Bali.... and what an amazing experience...

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Jamaican me Crazy - Meghan Fabulous

Jamaican me Crazy

The Island of Jamaica embraces movement. Movement as one people, one heart, one community, and one song. The Jamaican People have an amazing zest f...

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Tibet - Meghan Fabulous


I have always been intrigued by different religions- their culture, practices, and how it impacts people and their lives..... so when I was offered...

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F**k Him - Meghan Fabulous

F**k Him

Assholes..... we all have to deal with them and their endless mind games. You put your heart out on the line, let your self fall in love and they c...

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High School Hair Bands - Meghan Fabulous

High School Hair Bands

When I was in Junior High, (MAJOR Puberty) there was nothing more strange but incredibly awesome then to see grown men wearing more makeup and Aqua...

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Girls Night Out - Meghan Fabulous

Girls Night Out

It's Friday night and time to cut loose with your Girl Squad! "Hear" is the perfect music mix to get your party groove on with the Ladies. Just rem...

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