Grateful Dead San Francisco Shows

Grateful Dead San Francisco Shows

⚡️Ok… Im gonna let this drip real slow. SF: WE CAME IN SCREAMING HOT 🔥 Night 1, you ripped my face right off my head ⚡️💀🌹🦋⚡️

It’s been a week and I’m still taking it all in and digesting all the incredible moments.

Sorry, but my SF recap is going to be painfully long and drawn out. I wouldn’t be doing the weekend justice by one post and 10 photos.

My favorite comment of night one: “I guess I’m going to have to stop talking shit about you now. You’re really nice & cool.” OK. Little victories 🏆

My love for the Grateful Dead started out and used to be all about the art for me. Then came the love and appreciation of the music. But now it’s become more about the people and the amazing friendships I have made along the way. I know I came in scorching hot this year with the launch of my GD Fab Collab. Over two years in the making, diving headfirst into this unique community. I was a nameless face with a vibrance and sparkle filter that’s dialed up more than most✨

Meeting you all has been magical and it was the perfect start to an epically perfect weekend. 👯‍♀️🎉

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Night 2 Saturday was a beater, not gonna lie 😵‍💫 coming off of a ripping hot Friday night, we were definitely feeling old but the moment was now and we were powering thru! 💪🏻

I can’t get over how incredible this community is. It gives me life. So many different people from all walks of life that come together for the music.

Annnnd…. I got a “DEAL” so I’m a Happy Girl🫶🏻👸🏼

I loved seeing all the GD Fab in the wild… seeing my fav fab girls @embryfox and @jenirwinauthor was the pick-me-up of the night👯‍♀️🥂🎉. Meeting fellow Manhattan Beach Dead Heads @righttribe was epic!!

Meeting customers @_sydneyyates @bren_french@katie_my_lady was a blessed highlight!!!

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Got to love @bren_french hub’s epic tunes in slide #5… pretty much sums up Saturday Night 🫶🏻

The Saturday show was perfect in every way🫶🏻⚡️💀🌹🦋⚡️

Ok…I’ve been dragging my feet, but the show must go on! Sunday was perfect in every way. It was about seeing all the amazing friends I had made along this journey of launching the GD Fab collection. And it couldn’t have been better- it all happened organically, and I literally ran into everyone who has be kind to me and who I am proud and blessed to call a new friend!

Man, the music and energy in the stadium was off charts!! 40,000 Dead Heads all dancing and singing along together, all knowing that this might actually be the last show, was epic to witness and be a part of. The message was clear: Our love will never fade away🫶🏻

The drone show at the end gave me chills it was so beautiful. Like rhinestones dotting the dark sky, all the assets that I have learned like the back of my hand and recreated over the past 2.5 years flashing before me. It was very personal and brought tears to my eyes.

This experience and collection lives deep inside my heart, and will always be sentimental. It was challenging, frustrating at times, eye opening, and pushed my boundaries as a designer. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to “crawl deep into the Grateful Dead rabbit hole,” and it has forever changed me as an artist.

Thank you Dead Head community for teaching me, growing with me, accepting my differences, and being kind. You have a whole other language I had to learn- who would have ever known I was Custy? Since 95% of my community is not in the Grateful Dead world, you wouldn’t believe how many DM’s & emails I get asking what a Wook is. Or Trustifarian…. Or Chad…… or, “You have a typo in your product…” 😂

Weir everywhere!! Deadheads come in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life, all ethnicities…. and It’s been so awesome for me to introduce this life and educate many fashionistas into this fascinating and fun world!

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I can’t wait to see you all again, dance with you again…waiting on a PITS announcement any day now!!!! #nfa, Meg Fab ⚡️💃🏼🕺🏻⚡️

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