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Happy Hour: The Dude

In honor of one of my all-time favorite movies: The Big Lebowski, we celebrate his Favorite Cocktail, The White Russian. Just like the movie, the White Russian is strange, and when you think of it- it reminds you just how good it really is. Complete with a "Dude-Approved" beige terrycloth bathrobe coaster and LA inspired SMOG glass- The Dude Cocktail happily abides.

Jeff Bridges as "The Dude" in The Big Lebowski


---Vodka- My favorite is Tito's Vodka.... and it's gluten free!

---Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

---Cold Brew Coffee

---Creamer or Half & Half- I love Coconut Milk Creamer in French Vanilla because it is non-dairy and adds a sweet kick

---Dark Chocolate- Tony's is delicious and the packaging is so fun

---Old Fashion Tumbler Glass- I love Sisters of Los Angeles "Golden State Rocks Glass Set"... they are such a conversation starter and the SMOG Glass pays the ultimate homage to LA, where the film is based.

---Ice Cube Tray

To make the Chocolate Coffee Ice Cubes, you are going to finely ground the Dark Chocolate so it is the texture of coffee grounds. Pour the Cold Brew Coffee into the Ice Cube tray 2/3's of the way full, then spoon the Chocolate Grounds into each cube to fill the tray. Freeze the mixture for 24 hours.

For the Cocktail you are going to combine 1 shot of Kahlua, 2 shots of Vodka and 2 shots of Creamer in a Cocktail Mixer and shake vigorously. Pour the Mixture into an Old Fashion Tumbler, add the Chocolate Ice Cubes and serve on a "Dude Approved" beige terrycloth bath robe coaster.


"Golden State Rocks Tumbler Set" Link: HERE

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